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How to grow grapes? Personal experience :.: Article 01.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Grapes have long mastered the new areas and every year increasingly moving to the North. Many people living not in the Yuga comes the idea to take up viticulture for yourself. First a bit scary, but no wonder they say — the road by walking. So here we are. Afraid, afraid and got down to business. Read a lot of literature, which turned out to be a lot of conflicting recommendations, and began to find their way through personal experience. The cuttings I brought from Kaliningrad in the spring before Bud break, but waking up they had here. Had to put in a hurry. We took an old trunk, filled with earth mixed with sand and humus. Proportions were taken to be arbitrary. Nothing was weighed and not measured. Tried to the result was a loose substrate. The wooden cover was removed, the frame was reinforced transparent plastic film. Cuttings on rooting planted at a slight angle. Once watered, but not very much. Flooding is not necessary. Chest put on a Sunny place that day for a while pritenyat the crown of the tree. In hot summer plants can burn under the film if they are to be in the spotlight. Cover I times a day been opened to inspect the cuttings. K. P. Bryullov, "the Girl gathering grapes near Naples", 1827 Photo: Soon the buds began to swell. Watched that on film was always wet. As soon as the film was almost dry, I again watered the plants with warm water. The ground and after irrigation should remain loose. Do not turn it into a swamp, otherwise the cuttings will rot. Roots are born tender, the excess moisture not like, and air is vital. Photo: Svetlana kuksina, the personal archive of the leaves, but you do not rush to take up transplanting of plants. The roots are still weak, can break when digging and to destroy their own efforts. For permanent seedlings it is best to plant in late summer: in late July, early August. They manage well to settle down in a new place before winter. Plants take a big lump of earth wide shovel or spatula with a short handle that is convenient to carry. If relocated far from the greenhouse, it is best to put the plant carefully on a rag and lightly wrapped to bring to the landing place. If you plan to plant is not a Bush, then immediately take place for the tapestry. Place for growing grapes, don't skimp. The distance between the bushes leave up to three meters. The grape loves to grow freely in the light. K. P. Bryullov, "Italian midday (Italian, relieving the grapes)", 1827 Photo: Read the advice on what grapes should be planted a little deeper. In our area — in the Pskov region — it leads to death of seedlings due to the high groundwater. In the pit for planting I always throw broken bricks, stones, tin cans, pour sand mixed with humus. In the bulk of the mound gently distribute the roots and covered with a loose substrate. Photo: Svetlana kuksina, personal archive this year I bought a two-year seedlings of new varieties of grapes. Planted five seedlings from the last and just put in a hole in the ground, not making a mound. All the seedlings quickly started to grow, and only recently sat as frozen. Even the kidneys are not disbanded, just swollen and everything. I dug up the plant and saw that the soil in the pit turned into a musty swamp and roots darkened. Planted seedling again, but now on bulk mound. After a while it started to grow, but to catch up with colleagues and do not have time. Good thing I woke up quickly, otherwise the plant's roots have rotted in the liquid and mash the grapes would have died by my fault. Photo: _Alicja_, Never be hasty and not to plant, not sow thoughtlessly, haphazardly if you don't want to remain without a crop. ...

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