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How to celebrate the Day of knowledge in different countries of the world? Interesting facts :.: Article 01.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In different countries the Day of knowledge is celebrated in its own way. It is therefore interesting to compare the features of the beginning of the school year in different States. Russia Russians celebrate the Day of knowledge on 1 September. Public lines are near schools. Elegant pupils come to school and handed bouquets of flowers to their teachers. Most surprising of September 1 in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. To begin the school year, teachers first need to find the children. The families of herders migrate across the tundra, moving to new pasture every 14 days. Seven of the nomads and find the helicopter sent to boarding school. Interesting fact — go back to your parents, they can only by helicopter during holidays. UK Photo: Depositphotos First day of school in young British starts around 1 September. Date is set by the local administration of the region, taking into account falling by this time, local holidays. The day passes without much celebration. Students in Northern Ireland children are 4 years, in other regions of the UK — 5 years. Germany Photo: Depositphotos Beginning of the study account for approximately 1 September as the date determines the Zemstvo of the Federal administration. High school students on this date arrange first grade fun concert. Festive attribute of the day is "school a plastic bag". It can be bought ready in shop, and can be done with parents. Put in him school supplies and sweets. Japan Photo: Depositphotos Academic year is celebrated on the first day of April, when nature begins to revive. On this day across the country, flowers hiding Sakura. Annually of April 1, students communicate with their teachers, and 7 days down for school desks. USA Photo: Depositphotos the Date of commencement of studies appoints the administrative district. The studies could start in August or after the celebration of labor Day. Begins the first school day without any celebrations. First day of school, students come with parents to school, going business relationship with the teachers and with the entire class. China Photo: Depositphotos knowledge Day, the Chinese celebrate the 1st of September. They celebrate it very solemnly, but without flowers. With 6 years of student starts a tense and hard life of absorption of knowledge, the results of which are evaluated at the highest level in the world. Vacation students are given twice during the year: on new year's holidays and summer vacation. The Netherlands Photo: Depositphotos School life of the child begins from the age of 4 immediately after his birth. Elementary school similar to kindergarten. At school the children sleep and play, and under the guidance of a teacher develop motor skills, learn to glue, make crafts, draw. In different parts of the country school starts on different days. This is done in order to prevent traffic jams on the roads. The day begins with the circulation Director to children and the General meeting. Some schools decided to give the kids ice cream. Argentina Photo: Depositphotos Study begins in young Argentines with 6-7 years in March. Preceded by school learning in kindergarten, in preparatory group. Public school students wear to wear white robes, in private schools the students wear branded clothing with the logo. Africa Photo: Depositphotos To school African children go at the age of six. First day of school falls on the third week of January. And while this day passes without flowers and holiday performances, children go to school with great enthusiasm. So celebrate the Day of knowledge in different countries of the world. After analyzing the peculiarities of its celebration in different States, we can conclude that in our country it is very interesting festival for students....

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