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Berry crowberry. Why is it useful? :.: Article 02.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Resilient family Heath gave the world many wonderful plants, including edible berries — blueberries, cranberries, blueberries, vodenica. If the first three berries are well known to us, then vodenica don't know everything. But this fruit is not less useful, however, less effective to the taste. Its popularity in ancient times, says a lot of folk names: the Shiksha, liha, veris, and Golubina, ernika berry, bear berry, km, lunatic, dear grass, bagnowka, siha and many others. The name of "crowberry" is interpreted in different ways: some believe that a small amount of pulp, the lack of flavor and large quantities of fresh juice contributed to this name; others — because of the pronounced diuretic action. Crowberry, or Km will grow in the Northern hemisphere (up to the subarctic zone), is also found in South America. According to experts, the birthplace of this plant — Northern hemisphere. Escaping from the glacial invasion, it got to the South. Crowberry is a low, to 20 cm, creeping shrub berry, length of shoots, which reaches 1 meter. As you age the middle of the courtines laid bare, and the Bush is spreading farther and farther from the place of birth. And he lives quite a long time — up to 100 years. Vodenicharov: At a young age, dark-brown stems are covered with brownish hairs. Twigs densely leafy. The leaves resemble needles: small, narrow, with a length of 3-10 mm and their edges are bent downwards and almost touch, causing the plant looks like a dwarf Christmas tree. Crowberry loves to settle in sphagnum bogs, tundra, pine forests, spits and dunes, granite outcrops. This plant lives only in symbiosis with certain species of fungi, which is some mineral matter, instead of giving the products of photosynthesis. The flowers are small and inconspicuous, have three pink, red or purple sepals. Fruit black or red, ripen in August, similar in appearance to a blueberry. Berries decorate the bushes until spring. Juicy berry is a good thirst quencher, but due to the bland taste is especially popular in our days does not use. And in vain, because the fruit is filled with a variety of useful substances. Black crowberry. Botanical illustration Jacob Sturm from the book "Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen", 1796 Photo: In ancient times, people lived in places where crowberry, used it as food and used in the treatment of many diseases. For example, the peoples of Siberia have prepared the Kirilko — crowberry dish made with fish and seal fat. The Indians harvested the fruit for winter and used them with fat, and the leaves and young twigs prepared infusions and decoctions. In the fruit a high content of benzoic acid, so they keep well without undergoing fermentation. And pickled crowberry persists until the next harvest. Berries perfectly combined with milk and milk products. Of them can make a delicious and healthy jam, jelly, filling for pies, wine. In addition, the berries used for the production of a stand of cherry dye for wool. The juice of the fruit, among other medicinal properties, soothing, relaxing and invigorating effect on humans. This alone is quality enough to not pass up these valuable berries. Vodenicharov: Depositphotos As medicinal effects on the body have not been studied enough, the fruits of crowberry are not recommended to use in large quantities for pregnant and lactating women, children, and elderly people. Crowberry — a favorite food of poultry, it is happy to eat deer and bears. In our time it is planted as ornamental plants in rock gardens and as a groundcover. But in gardens it occurs infrequently, possibly due to the fact that it requires a stable acidic soil and regular watering to maintain aesthetic appearance. The breeders brought several decorative varieties of crowberry. Among them there are varieties with yellow, slightly yellow and lemon-yellow foliage. Looks nice cultivar Smaragd, which has creeping shoots densely covered with dark green, shiny leaves. How to grow in the garden vodenica? First of all, it should be noted that transplanted from the natural environment, growing a plant, most likely, will not survive. Nothing to ruin vodenica, buy in the nursery or on the market a few bushes, planted on the site, wait for the harvest and from seed grow the desired number of copies. Or get the new bushes using cuttings when the plants grows up. Before planting, seedlings should prepare the soil. As a rule, in the gardens of the neutral composition of the soil, so prepare the mixture of equal quantities of peat, coarse sand and loam. In areas designated for landing, take out the ground with a bayonet spade, pour a good layer of drainage, then the prepared potting mix. To obtain stable yields it is necessary to maintain the level of soil acidity in the range of 3.5−4.5 pH. Make holes at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. Planted bushes, while root collar employers-not more than 2 cm Mulching with peat layer of 5-6 cm Vodenicharov: tkruke, In the first year of feeding the plant is not required. On hot days watering is necessary, but waterlogging should be avoided. The winter shelter is not necessary. In the spring withered and weak shoots must be cut. And another such moment: if you do not plan to crowberry roamed where she wants, protect her living space materials. Layering: in early spring part of the branches should be added dropwise so that was visible only at the top. To make sure the soil was always moist but without stagnant water. By the autumn the seedlings you can transplant to a permanent place. Seed propagation: germination is high in the spring to sow in a box in a mixture of peat and sand, slightly covered with earth. The appearance of pairs of true leaves to dive in a separate container. As soon as the seedlings get stronger, to be planted in a permanent place. It seems that the cultivation of plants crowberry will appeal to fans of experimental, restless gardeners who can't the season to live, not to grow a new plant on the site. ...

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