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To love as a child. What is the most common mistake parents? :.: Article 02.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

"My child is the best". The correct position, do not argue. But this is not worth talking about — worth it. Often parents are in love with their child. It is a pity that for the most part this is just pretentious words about parental love or arguments in the dispute. About what your child is certainly best for you, no one argues. But do not forget about it when annoyed, tired and not willing to take the time to annoying children's curiosity, for example. Children today are very fast growing category. They immediately master new technologies, adapt to emerging requirements, more quickly respond to fashion trends. It is therefore necessary to understand that the same child can behave completely differently in the family, at school, in the company of friends. The child's behavior is different not because it is duplicitous type, but because of the different "parameters of a given environment." Because of this, the parent should listen to by chance seen the phrases, the actions, even if you were recounting an observer. The children instantly master new technologies, adapt to emerging of trebovaniyami: Depositphotos For example, a teacher at the school noticed the obscene vocabulary of your child. It is not necessary to prove that your "genius" does not know "bad" words. Talk to the child, tell about some other familiar boy, about his astonishment heard. Discuss the topic, decide whether it is really beautiful. It's possible that by calling baby Frank adult dialogue, you can learn a lot about the style of communication in his company. Unfortunately, often parents making a remark to a stranger with hostility and immediately turning into the defense or the offensive, actively defending what is not actually have accurate performance. What is such a common mistake? The child quickly picks up the license and maintaining the naive position of the mother, the family remains "diligent", and in the company completely ceases to limit myself. The other extreme distrust. Do not just throw accusations and blows on the child because of any unverified information. But if proven — punished? In parenthood a definite answer to this question is no. Every parent possible exit will prompt to intuition and the situation itself. Talk with your child, don't lose it covariate: Depositphotos There are cases when you need to have a detailed discussion with arguments and examples, with the analysis of the case, with the possible variants of events development. It is a good idea to explain your emotional state and the causes of unrest, as is evident every adult is not always clear to your child. Sometimes spur of the moment naughty child may take a "soft spot" or to slap. Do not think that this is absolutely not acceptable. Sometimes it is a reflex understanding of the word "no". However, still try to control myself and in such moments to remember that your child is "the best". Chose a punishment that will definitely be able to withstand you. Not worth it, to say, "don't come near me anymore", "no toys," "I ain't talking to you," and the like. Narrow measure of impact: "I'm not going to chat with you for 1 hour", "Today I'm not going to read you a story" "I am not allowed to play computer/phone/tablet today." And be sure to observe the stated time, not surrendering positions. Children make mistakes, but without this it is impossible razvitiiu: Depositphotos Children make mistakes, actively exploring the world. But most importantly — try to always be your child's friend and support. So in case of trouble, he was not afraid to apply it to you and know that family is his strength! ...

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