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Visit tulunskiy school No. 6

Vladimir Putin visited secondary school №6 of the city of Tulun, which has suffered from flooding during the flood and repaired to the beginning of the new academic year.

the Head of state got acquainted with information on the impact of flooding in the school building, toured the new classrooms, canteen, gym and sports ground of the educational institution. The President also visited classrooms in which at this time were the lessons, and congratulated pupils on the new academic year.

Tulunskiy school No. 6 was in the area of flooding, the building had suffered significant damage, but in a short time in the school were repaired and equipped the classrooms with modern equipment. This year, the school moved students emergency school No. 20, which was destroyed during the flood.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: I congratulate you on the beginning of the school year – you and all the guys who study here, and not only in your city but throughout the country.

Today we have a festive, good day when you probably think about what needs to be done in the near future, in the coming years. Do you have a lot, I don't doubt it, and the task of adults – to create the conditions to make it possible. I know a lot of people here working on it, and I'm sure you will love the results that will be achieved. And then you, looking at this result, will achieve the best results.

I Know that many of you – and not only here, probably, and all children in the city – in this challenging area, as it turned out, the flood zone, behaved very bravely, adult, adults helped. I want you and all the others, which I don't see that here, thank you for this, wish you success in the new academic year. I am sure that your teachers will do all they can to make it interesting and so very useful this year.

With the new school year you guys! Congratulations!