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Press statements following Russian-Mongolian talks

Khaltmagiin Battulga (as translated) : Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Dear guests and members of the press!

Today Vladimir Putin, who is in our country on an official visit, held a meeting in narrow format, friendly and business exchanged views on many issues and were able to make important decisions.

the Mongol-Russian relations-tested historical traditions of fighting the companionship and time to develop on the principle of mutual trust.

We are grateful that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, making an official visit together with the us celebrates the 80th anniversary of the victory in the battles at Khalkhin Gol.

This victory, which he defended our independence and sovereignty, spausa friendship between our peoples, is sacred to us.

the Peoples of our countries together build a peaceful life and fought together in the heady days of the war. The feat of arms of our Mongolian and Soviet soldiers who fought shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield we must keep in memory of descendants.

We will always sing the historic feat of Mongolian and Soviet soldiers, who not sparing his life fought for the independence of Mongolia.

following the visit of the President of Russia Mongol-Russian relations reached a new level of comprehensive strategic partnership.

We have signed a Treaty on friendly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership between Mongolia and the Russian Federation.

the Signing of a new long-term contract that brought relations to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership has become an important document in strengthening the bilateral trust and our cooperation is entering a new era.

I would Like to note that the visit of the President of Russia became substantial and the business. During the visit, signed on 10 intergovernmental and interdepartmental documents, as well as the inter-state agreement, which will affect the development of bilateral relations and cooperation.

is Successfully developing military-technical cooperation between our countries. Pleased to note that we have updated the intergovernmental Protocol on renewal of the intergovernmental agreement on the provision of free military-technical assistance from 2004.

I gratefully accepted the invitation of the President of Russia to take part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. I think that in these occasions the Mongolian side will participate in a wide composition.

We discussed the possibilities of increase of efficiency of activity of joint-stock companies "UBR" in the context of promotion of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

We expressed our interest to use export credit of the Government of Russia in the amount of 100 billion rubles, about which we asked to increase the authorized capital of JSC "UBR", in the sphere of energy cooperation and the construction of the railway line Zuunbayan-the hangi.

We thank the Russian side for the use of its far Eastern sea ports. Thus we have opened the possibility of access to the sea.

the opportunity we had with signing in 2018 intergovernmental agreement on transit transport by rail.

We have agreed with the Russian company Fesco, which owns the far Eastern port of Zarubino, about joint construction of a new coal terminal and developed a preliminary feasibility study.

, We once again expressed the wish to conclude a free trade agreement with the Eurasian economic Union and hope that Russia will support us. We believe that with the expansion of economic cooperation it is necessary to define priority directions of Russian investment, to take measures to increase Mongolian exports to Russia.

I Express gratitude for the Russian Government opened a trade office in our country. I think that as a result of these measures should intensify economic relations. And I think that in the near future we will open its trade mission in Vladivostok.

We are interested in the future to carry out large projects. In this regard I propose to establish a joint working group of the high level and conduct large-scale studies of trade-economic order.

the development Bank of Mongolia and the Russian direct investment Fund agreed to establish a joint Fund of ruble and tigrovyj investment, signed a Memorandum on cooperation.

We have decided the issues we could not solve for many years, in particular, the first stage of problems of the Russian immovable property in Mongolia, as well as excise duty related to JSC "UBR".

In conclusion, I would like to note that during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, our traditional friendly relations have reached a new level of comprehensive strategic partnership and thereby open a new page in our relations.

thank You, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, thanks that You found time and arrived in Mongolia, accepted my invitation.

Thank you for your attention.

Vladimir Putin: Dear Mr President! Ladies and gentlemen!

Our official visit to Mongolia timed to the solemn events dedicated to the anniversary of the joint victory at the river Khalkin-Gol.

80 years ago in 1939, Soviet and Mongolian soldiers, fighting shoulder to shoulder, gave a harsh rebuff to the aggressor and together defended the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Mongolia.

to achieve victory cooled the ardor of the militant invaders, to guarantee the safety of the far Eastern borders of the Soviet Union in the difficult years of the great Patriotic war.

of course, We are mindful of the substantial support that the Mongolian friends, Mongolian people had in our country in the fight against fascism, not to mention the supply of around 500 thousand horses, which was vital for those times.

On Mongolian citizens collected donations built the tank 53. These tanks are combined in a tank brigade "Revolutionary Mongolia" entered into his first fight in 1943 at Kursk, and in 1945 was among the first to enter Berlin.

In the battles at the war fronts participated aviation squadron "Mongolian Arat". Were her fighters were also presented to the Soviet Union Mongolia.

next year will mark 75 years of the Victory over Nazism. And we, of course, among other dignitaries and foreign leaders, invited the President of Mongolia Mr. Battulga to the celebration may 9 in Moscow, dedicated to this memorable date. I thank my colleague and friend because he agreed to accept the offer.

Believe on longstanding traditions of friendship and mutual assistance provide a sound basis for further development of Russian-Mongolian relations.

will Agree with President Battulga: the talks were really informative and constructive. We discussed a wide range of bilateral issues, exchanged views on topical international and regional issues.

signed a solid package of agreements primarily to allocate interstate agreement on friendly relations.

This important document establishes the quality and the new level of Russian-Mongolian relations and comprehensive strategic partnership opens up significant prospects for further expansion in different directions.

of Course, a lot of attention at the talks was paid to economic cooperation. Russia is one of the key foreign trade partners of Mongolia.

last year the volume of mutual trade increased by 21 percent, and for the first seven months of this year increased by 12 percent. However, it appears that there is every opportunity not only to return to the peak of turnover in 2012, but to move forward, to expand bilateral trade exchanges.

Will jointly implement new projects, including in infrastructure, mining, energy, agriculture. It is actively engaged in the intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation.

the Financing of such projects will be engaged and the Mongolian-Russian investment cooperation Fund, the agreement on creation of the Russian direct investment Fund signed with the Mongolian partners in the course of our visit. I note that the Fund's investments will be mainly in the national currencies of our countries.

for Many years, Russia has provided significant support to Mongolia in the development of transport infrastructure 70 years ago was revealed to a joint venture "Ulaanbaatar railway", for which last year was also a record volume of cargo.

The commissioning this year with the participation of "Russian Railways" the new advanced system of traffic control will further increase the capacity of the Mongolian Railways.

, Russian railway are ready to help Mongolian partners in the modernization paths, upgrading of the locomotive fleet, construction of new highways.

Russia has traditionally been a reliable supplier of energy resources of Mongolia. Rosneft provides most of the country's needs in petroleum products. The company "Rutek" helps to upgrade the main power plant of Mongolia "the Ulaanbaatar CHP-4" that will significantly increase its capacity.

By the way, yesterday commissioned after the reconstruction of the fourth power unit.

Rosatom is considering the establishment in Mongolia of center of nuclear science for use of radiation technologies in medicine, industry, agriculture and many other areas .

of Course, during the talks was also touched upon humanitarian cooperation. Between our countries are an interesting and promising scientific, cultural and sports exchanges. Regularly held Days of Russian-Mongolian friendship and culture Days.

is rapidly developing cooperation in the field of education. Russia provides assistance to Mongolia in the training of highly qualified personnel. Every year for applicants from Mongolia will be allocated 500 budget places, including such popular for the Mongolian economy jobs as "Geology", "oil production", "agriculture".

of Course, we spoke in detail about the prospects of the defence, military technology and counter-terrorism cooperation between our countries. Consider the interaction in this region the most important factor in ensuring security in Asia.

will Mention that in August in Mongolia successfully held joint military exercises "Selenga-2019". And we certainly will continue to do so.

Note that the positions of Russia and Mongolia on topical regional and international problems are close or coincide. Our countries coordinate on multilateral platforms, primarily in the UN.

Expanding cooperation between Russia – Mongolia – China. The next summit in this format took place in June in Bishkek.

of Course, we welcome Mongolia's aspiration to establish closer working contacts with the Eurasian economic Union. We believe that such cooperation will have a positive impact on our trade and investment ties between our countries.

ladies and gentlemen!

the Program of our visit is full of, we still will meet with the Prime Minister and the speaker of the Parliament of Mongolia. But now I would like to note that our joint with Mongolian colleagues, the agreements will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of Russian-Mongolian cooperation.

I would Like to Express my gratitude to Mr. Battulga and to all our Mongolian friends for the warm welcome. Will glad to host the President of Mongolia in the near future in Vladivostok tomorrow for the opening of the Eastern economic forum.

Thank you for your attention.