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Useful tricks when using the Xiaomi smartphones 03.09.2019 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

Article "Useful tricks when using WhatsApp", they say, went well - she's already under 80 thousand views and I decided to continue to produce the same articles of the rubric "educational program" for other applications and gadgets.

In today's article we will talk about the various useful tips and tricks when using the Xiaomi smartphones. I have several years of writing reviews of Xiaomi smartphones, few months used smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 as my main smartphone as studied the configuration of phones from this manufacturer, so I want to tell you about some of the useful customizations that you can do with them. Especially that Xiaomi is famous for the fact that they even have younger models settings - not trimmed and provide almost the same features as the flagship models.

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