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Movie: Michael Bay, the secret of Waititi, Andy Serkis and David Ayer Movie news 03.09.2019 at 09:48

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Michael Bay was plunged into the world of video games, Waititi talk about the football on the big screen, Serkis met with Venom, and David Ayer continues to explore the history of the Second world war.

Michael Bay announced work on a new and, in the opinion of the Director, original project. The film is called "Black 5", and the film will unfold in a video game. Work on the project and its rental will be under the wing of Studio Sony. Responsible for the script Eren Kruger ("transformers", "call", "Scream 3"). Other details have not been disclosed.

Taiki of Waititi put a film about the formation of a football team "American Samoa" will be an adaptation of the documentary "Next Goal Wins". The film will tell about the coach who led the team of misfits to the title of the true winners. Thus it turns out that the next project will be the fourth Waititi not "Thor", as previously thought. Producers will perform Garrett basch and Andy Serkis.

Meanwhile, Andy Serkis officially housed in the Director's chair for the second "venom". The sequel will become the third directorial work for Serkis — he has already removed two paintings: "Breathe for us" and "Mowgli". In addition to starring Tom hardy, the project will return and who plays Anne Welling (ex-girlfriend of the main character Eddie Broke) Michelle Williams. The details of the plot of the second part, and release date not yet disclosed.

David Ayer has shared information about his new project, which will be called "El Alamein". The plot of the film will evolve around the decisive battle of the Second world war that took place in North Africa. El Almansa operation occurred in the fall of 1942 determined the further course of military operations. Responsible for script war drama David Self and James Coyne. Shooting of "El Alamein" is scheduled for early 2020.