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[Of the sandbox] the Generation of sound on the AVR method the wave tables with the support of polyphony

Habrahabr / Interesting / topical publications 04.09.2019 at 07:01

Interesting publishing of thematic hubs on habrahabr

AVR fairly cheap and widespread. I guess with them starting almost any embedded developer. And among lovers rules the ball Arduino, the heart of which is usually ATmega382p. I'm sure many wondered: how can you make them sound?

If you look at existing projects, they are of several types:

the Generators of square pulses. Generation using PWM or pull pins in the interrupts. In any case, it's a distinctive squeaking sound.

the Use of external hardware MP3 decoder.

the Use of PWM to output 8 bit (sometimes 16 bit) audio in the PCM format or the ADPCM. Since memory in microcontrollers for this is not enough, you usually use the SD card.

Using PWM to generate sound based on the wave table, like MIDI.

the Last type of all for me was particularly interesting, because almost does not require additional equipment. Imagine the community your option. To start a small demo:

Interested please under cat.

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