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Beslan on YouTube: a social network about a new film of Yuri Dude

Radio Liberty 04.09.2019 at 08:08

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Hardly someone will be surprised that the next big film Yuri Dude on a serious topic became one of the main events of the Runet. A three-hour documentary dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Beslan tragedy. Katerina Gordeeva: Film Yuri Dude "Beslan. Remember" - is very important. It is necessary to watch, even if it is three hours and ten minutes. This film not only as written in the announcement about "people who continue to live a normal life, as much as for him the attack, no hit". The film, especially its second half —about how society has changed, the country people after the terrorist attack at school number one in Beslan. Now there's the nick - three hours of conversations with people recorded memory. Former hostages in the film interfere with Aushev, Mamsurov, Olga Allene and Elena Milashina. They all say mounting block phrases, and just enough to be able to parse the idea, to understand, to feel. It's hard. And for those who take interviews and for someone to watch them. But this is a needed and important job. Normal operation with a monstrous injury. For the first time, fifteen years later, Beslan said in a loud voice. Says of all YouTube channels. The ability to verbalize pain, no more silence, don't keep it to myself and not to distort meaning and does not compress al the three days in the news eyeliner long ten seconds is so important. The death of TV in Russia began in 2004 with wild lies about Beslan. Now, and silent about Beslan, he's no longer needed. Not sorry. Zoya Svetova: Wonderful that a young journalist so meticulously and carefully asks people who remember how it was. And amazing that millions of people are watching three hours to learn and draw conclusions about the guilt of the state and government for this tragedy. But despite the importance of the film, the surprise obvious repetitions which, in my opinion tighten it, and this lost the integrity of the film and it's not as catchy as the movie "the New newspaper" about Beslan, which can be removed is not professional, but somehow more touching than the film Dude. It's great that the characters thanks to the film Duda will receive or have already received donations. But it is a pity that has not turned out this documentary, it is rather a sort of lecture on the Beslan, questions and answers, a sort of introductory course for those who know nothing. Educational program with very good speakers. A new genre in documentary filmmaking. And it is a pity that nothing is said about the meeting of Putin with the mothers of Beslan. This is a very strong storyline. The split in the social movement of mothers, when they were divided into two organizations. In any case, education and educational program about everything that happened in Russia, especially in the last 20 years , and even earlier - the most important thing. And the numbers of views of this film is the most eloquent confirmation of this simple thought. Alexander Baunov: When we sent to Newsweek correspondents in Beslan, and they are there, and we in Moscow were mad with anger and impotence, the Jura and the Dude was a young sports journalist, student of my friends. And now he's made a film about Beslan, we are all definitely going to watch Alexei Pivovarov: I think Yuri deservedly collects his millions of views and rave reviews - because that's what the jury (whether intentionally or not, alone or not at all) made the Russian-speaking "journalists" YouTube what it is now - new TV, where the competition between channels is not only in the nomination "the high cost of content /quality of shooting" (what we usually see on old TV set), and in first place in the nomination "truth/honesty/sense" (from which the nomination from the usual TV most problems). You can discuss tightened the movie or jury at the time - he is the founder of the market and has the right to any experiment. What is right, and we have authors who came to YouTube after Yuri - is his main merit of the Russian journalism. Mitya Aleshkovsky: Yuri Dude (which, no joke, a monument to a great future of Russia) is directing the film, blowing up public opinion and, more importantly, radically changing public opinion on major historical trauma — the capture of hostages at school № 1 in Beslan. But why Dude it turns out is not just to help the community understand the tragedy and to survive, and more no one turns out? After all the facts have long been known. Dear and beloved "Novaya Gazeta", for example, released a few days before the anniversary of the movie that didn't make much of a splash and gained only half a million views in which the same characters talk about the same events, while the film Dude watched half of the first hour after publication. The thing is that Dude to help all of us deal with our collective trauma, in his films uses the phenomenon that is incredibly popular in modern society — "Second memory". In short, the term "Second memory" was invented by the sociologist Gregory Yudin along with philosopher Alexander Cicatricial. The meaning of it is that our society has a historical trauma which is the result of collectively experienced violence in the past, which are transmitted and experienced collectively from generation to generation, and not razrushivshij. Overcoming these injuries is only possible with their full, thorough and open public learning, acceptance and full awareness of the whole situation of society and, of course, a title (note: not the punishment, namely the name) of the perpetrators. Such injuries can be called the red terror, collectivization, the destruction of the Church by the Communists, Soviet repression, the participation of the USSR in the Second world war, Afghanistan. Modern: both Chechen campaigns, Kursk, "the Nord-OST" and Beslan. "The first memory" is the official propaganda, spostiamo top, impersonal, pompous, bureaucratic, hierarchically subordinate playback/memory of the incident. "The second memory" is a public, based on personal experience, or historical data, bottom-up, horizontally coordinated, independent memory of the incident. In the end, we will come to that "Second memory" will be the only one. But we have to go on this way for a very long time. But if we don't go, all the historical trauma that are present in our society, and will not be permitted that will not allow us any peace and happiness to exist. Because only the "Second memory" allows us to relive the trauma of the past, first at all this is not conducive, and sometimes strengthens them. So to overestimate the merit of Duda in the development of our society very difficult. His movies are the cure for our souls — they are the Foundation of a just, fair and beautiful Russia, where the state's main priorities will be the man, his life and dignity. The film can be judged by the reaction of the conditional "Pro-Kremlin" and "patriots". Release the Kraken: "Hello, this is Yuri Dude, and now I will tell you how to hypnoti on the tragedy of" Alexander Sosnovskiy: Nasty and bitter. Dude decided popiaritsya in Beslan and starts his new film with the assertion that tragedy is the fault of the state. Neither Basayev nor the terrorists in its initial eyeliner is generally not sound. I made a mistake when they called him psycho "guttering candle". His psycho - "Rot" Platon Besedin: Why did you choose to Dude about Beslan did not really said about the terrorists? Why not narrated in detail how they behaved in the occupied school? As children they were left without water and drank urine? As children were not allowed in the toilet? As abused them? Acting like terrorist scum? Where is all this? It's omitted from the movie — with one simple goal: there can be only one culprit, one villain — the Russian government. And the guilt of the Russian government moves to Russia as such — not even to the state, but to the country and the people. We persistently hammered the idea of repentance, again and again, for all the alleged crimes. Repent, repent for Beslan. It is you, the Russian people, to blame. That you supported and support this power, and it's your fault. This idea of repentance for the crimes and the Soviet Union and the new Russia strongly embedded in our heads together with another idea — "time to throw out Raska rotten" (one of the favorite topics Dude) where here is. And this idea in the first place hammered teenagers and children. Why? Adults work harder — they are more rigid and at the same time more informed, they vdolblennye any (correct or not is another question) substrates. Young is that they tend to, believe that everything you know better than the fathers and grandfathers that they are fresher and brighter, freer and more spiritual — they supposedly came to correct the mistakes of their ancestors. And then they slip here's the story. No matter what shows all primitive and one-sided — shavayut. Similar information shocks sent to the heart — they bring hate and disgust to the country and its people, worse to the people you want.

And, increasingly, young blame my parents in the most disgusting and vile crimes to which those, in fact, irrelevant. Truly satanic meanness — using children. To drive them in the head lies or half-truths to after they drugged these secondary children were on the square and the thunder of power, no, but the country, its history, its memory. The scheme is tested and effective, but then she reached the bottom of the bottom of hell — children of the living stupefy vyplyasyvaya on the bones of the children of the deceased. What could be meaner and nastier? The infamous and very dangerous stunt. Right justified the greatest evil, and therefore it is evil, finds the second breath, strength, and ultimately grows to come again. And if, God forbid, something monstrous once again, the blame will lie in particular on the creators of such films, where, according to the precepts of Goebbels, said only a small part of the truth, which is absolute falsehood. So will the Dude and others like him to repent when the devils in disguise will come over their flock? Or just making another one hipoly film, once again danced to have new bones? Elijah Craft: the Audience of the Jura-balaboly "appreciated" his creation. This is the way of a General liberal training manual on Beslan: "look how terrible, because of bad commandos killed the children." And Terra, seized these children, just passed near, and indeed they are fighters against the regime, ideologically close Oppama. Andrey Malosolov: Yuri Dude is opportunistic used the 15 -th anniversary of tragedy in Beslan to raise the rating of yourself and your YouTube channel wdwd. This is not a negative assessment, but a statement of fact. Beslan was and remains one of the most sensitive issues of our country, simply because there are unfair and mean were killed more than 100 innocent children. Charges Duda fishing hype is as good as a fair word of memory to the victims of the terrorist attack and care for those who remained disabled. Dude chose the theme for his film, where he will always be handsome, and those who represented the state, will always be despised and hated. Say, Dude made a film "about people and accuses someone." Yes, about people. And Yes, accusing, implicitly, deftly, gracefully forcing others to do it. In the case of Beslan, it works faultlessly: 330 dead, tattered Ossetia, wounded country. From 1996 to 2005, I covered the terrorist attacks in Russia, working in RIA Novosti. It seems that there was not a single, wherever I was. How hard mentally and physically it was to do!. Beslan escaped me, but all my colleagues who worked there, came deeply broken, heavily shaken by the events of the terrible massacre in the Ossetian school. And these are people with enormous experience in such matters! What can we say about the audience Duda, which may be for the first time plunged into the issue where their infantile soul was literally crushed by the heroes of the film. And this is important, for things funny, hipster and lover of rock goats went there. Evgeny Poddubny: I in Beslan, when the hostages were in school, did not work, arrived shortly after. Came in a destroyed school, went to the cemetery, talked to people who have lost family, talked with people who were neighbors of the people that lost family and this is the worst thing I've ever heard. In Beslan worked for my friends and journalists, and soldiers of the special forces. Those who saved children in Beslan ("a" and "b" are people of absolutely unique personal qualities, living and dead examples of absolute mercy, and of this feat. And those who try to say something different simply spiritual invalids. Alexei Mukhin: state-run media "rukopojatie" the public is regularly accused of "crucified boy" (you know what I mean). Since I own "rukopozhatnyh" media most of these "crucified boys" have been hundreds, but the charges still heard in the address of official media. Reception old, tried and tested. Applies inveterate scoundrels. Just remember this, the next time you hear "boy" or, for example, about Beslan from their filthy mouths. Alex Andronov: you can Watch only on what they put trial. In fact the opposite, but they think so. And I think that should look all. And RT, both New and Duda. And even a report Simonyan 15 years ago. Watch, think, and draw their own conclusions. But These (otherwise I can not name them) - think differently. What to think of all they will be, and even better - the Kremlin. That's just so not. For each rotok you will not throw a handkerchief. Tina Kandelaki: I saw the movie Yuri Dude about Beslan and are now able to evaluate the remarks in the Telegram, which appeared before the commentators physically had the opportunity to watch a three-hour movie until the end. The words "not seen, but judging" or "saw the teaser on Instagram and understood" — this is the barren HYIP at the mention of the name and tragic occasion in which someone accuses Yura. Hype he could talk Ivlieva and again to collect twenty million hits, leaving nowhere and not flowing through the tragic events of fifteen years ago. Why I think it's important and necessary this movie is, like all other works that came out for next date of this tragedy? As a minimum, because it was again announced the names of the heroes who gave their lives saving people, and not afraid to go to school for talks. Because I collected the money needed and will need to victims throughout life. Because we have seen people that continue to support the children of Beslan. Movies about Beslan forced to think about how hard it was to end the war, which had so many stakeholders around the world. But the war is over, and we live in a much more safe country and I can not only remember the victims but to help them. The people who gave life to the war ended, and the people who continue to guard our peace, not asking for recognition of their merit, but nevertheless deserve recognition. Training manual: YouTube has become on the subject of Beslan, the main TV channel of Russia. The film Dude in two days got more than 6 million views. About other films you could also hear. Dissatisfaction with the film Dude from Pro-government commentators, you too could see. Than the Dude and the rest of said traditional TV? Except for the stories in the news, especially anything. We were unable to find a in the TV movie about the Beslan on the Central TV channels. Ossetian regional TV channel "Osetiya-Iriston" released the film. Channel "Dagestan", the film showed. Documentary channel RTD and conventional RT showed a film (one that is on YouTube). Favorites Malakhov and Boris today discussed important topics such as "school Director fired for refusing to cheat on your wife?" and "the New bride widow of a Nigerian Prince arrived in Russia". TVC for some reason decided not to repeat his documentary 2014. REN-TV similar. Talk show "Time will tell" remembered the anniversary today in the daytime release and criticized some movies. Yesterday on NTV talk show norkina discussed and criticized the film "Novaya Gazeta" and Dude. Vladimir Solovyov promised to show the discussion of the anniversary in the Studio and an interview with veteran special forces, but began a talk show from Russia (Beslan will be for those suffering from insomnia). The case when YouTube has no competition, and complaints from government TV journalists on Dude may not be taken. By the way, in those days, was released and a documentary on the same subject from Ksenia Sobchak. Ksenia Balicka: My tape a hundred times today said that the Dude made a movie about Beslan. Nobody told that his film about the seizure of the school took off and Sobchak. Well, the expense of the views corresponding to these video - 1.5 million vs. 130 thousand Mediatechnology: Ksusha is back on TV where it is not visible hits and she'll be prima ballerina. Ksenia Sobchak: Every third comment in YouTube under my film about the Beslan terrorist act : "Why have you interviewed Simonyan?". Every fourth: "you came out with a movie two hours early Dude,and a week later the New paper. You have conspired or sphalerite(sic!) each other?". Am I the only one who thinks this is the case when the more people will make films to say something and remember the better? And I am very happy that this anniversary passes in silence, isn't this our common goal? What to Simonyan,we people of opposing views on life and on those events ,but she was the first reporter covering the Beslan,she personally called those first fateful,wrong numbers and I thought it was important to ask why. To believe or not to believe her is another question. But what happens in the mind,if the fact of granting words, the person whose opinion is not shared, can be a flow of heatersthe? Margarita Simonyan: Basayev staged the Beslan, to incite the Russians on the other. After 15 years he got it. Anastasia Mironova: I think the best thing society can do for their own future, is to remind Margarita Simonyan inclusion of Beslan. She thinks everyone's forgotten, of course. But we remember that it is from the channel country learned first that the number of hostages in the school cannot be established. Then - that there were only 354. And the next - that the terrorists did not put forward any requirements.

These days Margarita Simonyan does not descend from pages of Newspapers and screens of TVs. Propaganda so valiantly all the shit that Simonyan became almost the main hero of Beslan three days. "19-year-old Margarita Simonyan three days led directly report under the bullets of Beslan". All day Margarita Simonyan puts Twitter video then their reporting. However, only the last day. 1 and 2 of the September stories on her page. Because Simonyan did not want us to remember what she said then. Alas, but enjoy the comments under their videos Margarita Simonyan cannot - it is almost all the curse for a lie in those days. Remember a lie, because in 2004 it was still unusual. We did not expect this. Olga Beshley: View another film Alexei Alexandrov about Beslan. I last week was crying when I read the story, and this week was crying, and for me this is a very important experience: in 2004 I did not have the mental capacity to truly empathize with the dead children — it was a terrible picture of the TV, whispering in class, hard faces of teachers. I remember that it was very scary. And there was conversation which would have removed the alarm and helped to lead to other feelings. All these feelings somewhere closed in. Alexei Alexandrov: In 2012, I was in the United States. And on 11 September for all public TV channels told about 9/11. Stories of survivors, victims, and bereaved relatives of people. An infinite number of interviews, stories and tears. September 11 — a major terrorist attack in U.S. history. A major terrorist attack in the history of Russia — the Beslan. And it is on Federal channels, it is customary to say a short — story for 2 minutes at the end of the news release on 3 September. I wish it was not — you need to know about how the school took children. You need to know about how Putin was not going to negotiate with terrorists. You need to know about how the storm — after 52 hours of captivity with bullets and explosions were killed 334 people. Fortunately, to Beslan remembered not only I but others who are not working on the Federal channels. This is a very good and right. We went to Beslan in may — the Last call. And took it a short film. We wanted to understand how the survivors of the attack, the children, parents and teachers have to live through 15 years: how do you sleep, what you think. Nothing is forgotten: they dream about a terrorist attack every day people go to the cemetery. The students want to be doctors and military — as those they once saved. In Beslan every minute of every hour remember what happened in early September 2004. Do not forget you, please. Olga Roschina: today I Read the tape and understand that it is not just me so plowed Beslan that every year the first days of September is always mourning. And wild dissonance with the celebratory ruler in honour of Day of knowledge... After Beslan, in my soul broke something... a Basic trust in the world, to people. I was in a universe where adults are quietly, methodically, with pleasure kill children. For the money, because of the insatiable lust for power and omnipotence, because of some crazy ideas. I guess that theoretically... I found myself in a dangerous, cruel world where there is no mercy for anyone. Even to children. That's one of the worst experiences of my life. One of the most terrible shocks. I still can't watch any of the documentaries and photos. Genuine man-made hell. And I remember who is behind all this... the Eternal light so Shine to all those who are buried in the City of angels. Courage and all the heat, all support the inhabited universe - survivors. I don't know how it was possible to survive... as long as I live I will remember.