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Tkachev: hat-trick Gordy Howe "Spartak" smashing "the locomotive". Review of the day

News of the KHL 04.09.2019 at 19:50

A Brace of Macmillan and the "cracker" Godlewskii

"Dynamo" (Riga) – "torpedo" NN (Nizhny Novgorod oblast) – 3:0 (0:0, 2:0, 1:0)

, Dynamo Riga started the season with wins over Spartak Moscow Oleg Znarka (2:1), the next opponent of the team of Girts Ankipans became Nizhny Novgorod "torpedo", the loser of the Moscow "Dynamo" in equal fight two days ago, (2:3). The main change in the "torpedo" happened on the final frontier – the place in goal was taken by Andrey Tikhomirov is Swede Anders Lindbäck. 24-year-old Tikhomirov spent his 19th match in the League.

the First period the teams played in equal fight, but the main events began to develop in the second half of the match. On 33 minutes, Brandon McMillan was on the ball on the five guests and opened the account. Soon the Lithuanian nerius was Alisauskas has successfully substituted a stick under a throw of Kristaps Zile – 2:0. The final score was set early in the third period. Macmillan took advantage of a great transfer of Mikelis of Redlihs in the majority and scored twice. Goalie Kristers Gudlevskis held a 5-second "dry" match in the KHL, and the residents won a second victory of the season.

Moscow Dynamo congratulated Afinogenova anniversary

"Dynamo" (Moscow) – "Dynamo" (Minsk) – 3:2 (0:1, 2:0, 1:1)

Two Dynamo team from Moscow and Minsk took to the ice in "VTB Arena" in different moods. The owners of the ice warmed his recent victory over the "torpedo" (3:2), weights on the feet of guests was a defeat from "neftechimik" (2:4). Emotions of wards of Vladimir Krikunova fueled by another fact. Just on a match day its 40th anniversary was celebrated, the most famous player of the team, striker Maxim Afinogenov. Celebrating a first date is generally not accepted, but the game of hockey, this rule does not apply. And partners were willing to do anything to please the friend.

it is not Surprising that the beginning of the meeting took place in violent attacks of Muscovites. First to the gate of the guests broke Andre Petersson, but Jonas Enroth had upset compatriot. A few minutes later a similar passage repeated Ivan Igumnov – the same result. A good chance to score was michał czajkowski, but hit the post. In the end, it happened what often happens in such situations, the opponent built a goal out of nothing. Ivan Bocharov unsuccessfully threw the puck at the Board, it managed the Topic Pulkkinen and almost zero angle sent it into the net.

However, after the break the hosts managed to turn the game around. At intervals of 20 seconds Vadim Shipachev and Dmitry Moiseyev brought his team in front. In the third period rivals exchanged goals, but more guests is not enough. Moscow "Dynamo" again celebrated the victory with the score 3:2. More in line with this fact, it seems, were happy loser day Bocharov and birthday Afinogenov.

the First goal Pashmina for Ufa – crucial

"Kunlun Red star" (Beijing) – "Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) – 0:2 (0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

"Kunlun" and "Salavat" met for the second time in two days in His yesterday's debut at the new arena became for the Chinese a good club. Wards curt Fraser despite the fact that lost the advantage in two washers, I got two points in a series of shots. First win of the season brought the dragons a penalty shot Gilbert Brule. Another notable event of the match was a fight involving Gareth hunt and Alexei Semenov. The defender of "Salavat", the recognized ringleader, received a total of 17 penalty minutes, forward of "Kunlun" in 5 minutes. This morning KFOR left these sanctions without changing, adding Semenov to a monetary penalty. Both players have done without disqualification.

In comparison with yesterday's match, the home team changed the goalkeeper – the goal went Shimon Gruber. "Salavat" has made one change in the third link Vyacheslav soloduhina. changed Eduard gimatov.

the First period has passed with advantage of guests, mainly due to frequent removals of "Kunlun". Once the hosts had to play in the format of "three for five". But the only goal was scored in equal structures – Mikhail Pashnin like a real striker joined the attack through the centre, easily traveled Trevor Murphy and with brushes sent the puck under the crossbar. This is the first goals of the defender, who moved to Ufa in the summer. The second washer spectators had to wait until the middle of the third period. Guests confidently controlled the game and used another majority – Maxim Mayorov was the first to have batted the puck. Well, after a kick in the head five-minute penalty was awarded to Andrew Smart, the outcome of the match was almost clear. As a result, 2:0, Juha Metsola was the author of the first "biscuit" of this season, this victory was his hundredth in the NHL.

"the Metallurgist": the strong-willed victory at "the steel Derby"

"the Metallurgist" (Magnitogorsk) – "Severstal" (Cherepovets) – 4:2 (0:1, 1:0, 3:1)

a Bunch of "One-and-Goal" – again at the Magnitogorsk Arena! The legendary Duo that seasoned fans of "Magnitogorsk" my heart aches and rolls up to his throat nostalgia for enchanting-winning "zero", now on the other side of the fence. Andrey Razin and Alexander Goltz brought "Severstal", shot down from ambitious players, not enough stars in the sky, but hungry to victories. This has already learned the "Motorist", who managed to put the squeeze on Almaz are just outside of normal time.

"Magnitogorsk" to the "steel Derby" came up with a strong desire to develop the game in the unequal composition, because in the match against SKA St. Petersburg Magnitogorsk half of the launch period spent in the minority. The players and coaches were saying on the daily rolling.

indeed, to the equator of the meeting, the hosts almost broke no rules. However, from the problems at the start this is the command of Joseph Andace not saved. Already on the fourth minute Dmitry markovin completed the exit "2 in 1" and in the next change "Severstal" could double the advantage. But after the video referees cancelled a goal: the puck was jammed leg. In the second 20-minute owners have less to go wrong on the entrance to the zone, exhausting Severstal positional pressure. At the second attempt managed to realize the most Yegor Yakovlev made obvious homework by clicking under the crossbar. There first goal of the Olympic champion of Magnitogorsk on home ice!

"Is again 2:1?", asked fans before the start of the third period. The last three, "steel Derby" ended with this result and won the Ural metal. But four times in one funnel projectile does not fall. Metallurg included a higher gear in the opening of the final segment, having gone ahead. Severstal fought to the end, but take Markovina was not enough. With the score 3:2 fatal the guests were removal for violation of numerical composition, which is realized Sergei mozyakin. The captain of "Magnitogorsk" has opened the scoring in the new season.

the Fight Tkachev, winning the puck Plotnikov

"the Tractor" (Chelyabinsk) – SKA (St.-Petersburg) – 3:4OT (0:1, 3:2, 0:0, 0:1)

After the victory in Magnitogorsk SKA continued Ural tour with a game against "Tractor". As in the first game of the season Alexei Kudashov had confidence in young hockey players: at the gate, started the meeting Petr Kochetkov , and the seventh defender went out on the ice Daniel Galenic .

the Match in Chelyabinsk was still the most spectacular in the new season of the KHL. Although the beginning of the meeting and did not have so incendiary, pepper the game added Vladimir Tkachev . In the first period again played his bunch of Jori Lehtera . And in the second not the main striker SKA first entered the fray, and then into a full-fledged fight. Ruslan Karlin (186 cm, 87 kg) was predictable stronger than Vladimir Tkachev (179 cm, 72 kg).

By the time on the scoreboard of the arena in Chelyabinsk burned the account 2:1 in advantage "the Tractor", and after some time, Christian Thomas increased the advantage of the owners.

However, SKA had only 19 seconds to even the score. First Dmitry Kagarlitsky roll with brushes narrowed the gap, and then Alexander Barabanov was podkaraulili error of the contender and has given transfer on Jori of Lehtera that aimed shot into the far corner.

"Tractor" barely failed the excessive zeal and carelessness: the match of the Chelyabinsk received three removal for violation of numerical composition. But in the end, the match moved to overtime, where Vladimir Tkachev made a beautiful pass to Sergei Plotnikov , who brought victory to SKA. CSKA extended its winning streak over the "Tractor" to six matches.

"knight" could not resist dose

"the Motorist" (Ekaterinburg) – "the hero" (Moscow region) – 3:2 (1:1, 1:0, 1:1)

Thoroughly Pat nerves themselves and the fans to start the game with Severstal, Avtomobilist immediately seized the initiative and already in the first minute opened the scoring Ilya Yezhov. However, the coaching staff of the "Vityaz" questioned the correctness of the goal and made a request for the position of "offside". The referees, after watching the episode, I agreed and returned it 0:0 on the scoreboard.

the owners of the judicial decision challenged, the guests cheered. Opponents tried to up the pace, but time and again it prevented the removal.

In the end the first period, the teams played just under an hour. By drawing excess able to take advantage of those and others. On 8-th minute scored by Nigel Dawes on the 10th equality restored Artem Shvets-Rogovoy, abandoned in empty already gate with an awkward hand.

In the second period, the hosts finally caught the wave and began to beat the guests on a collision velocities. By the mid-period advantage turned into a fairly abandoned the puck - his first goal for the "Auto" scored Brooks Macek. Vityaz snapped in response, but over and over again their rescued Jakub kovari. The citizens continued to dominate the final quarter and doubled the margin a brace Dawes. As it turned out - very handy. At the end of the game literally out of the blue withdrew Nikita Tryamkin. "Vityaz" is the most used, but more time is not enough.

Spartak: three goals in three minutes and the defeat in Yaroslavl

"the locomotive" (Yaroslavl) – "Spartak" (Moscow) – 2:5 (1:0, 0:4, 1:1)

"the locomotive" a match with "Spartak" opened the championship, the red-and-white also came from Riga, where he started with defeat against local "Dynamo" in overtime (1:2). The game was decided by an unfortunate mistake of the goalkeeper red-and-white Nikita Bespalova, inadvertently released to intercept the puck.

"Spartak" in comparison with the match in Riga made two changes – instead of Denis Kokarev and Michiel Junkova came Anton Zlobin and residential Talalaev. The place in goal was taken again Bespalov, as Julius hudacek stayed home because of minor damage.

the first game of the season Lokomotiv normally made for the fans great entertainment, the headliner was a famous singer Filipp Kirkorov, who performed at the opening of the match, the Russian national Anthem.

Driven by the fans, the hosts rushed forward and quickly achieved success. On 7 minutes, a young Pavel Kudryavtsev scored an opener "Locomotive" in this season. But that did not bother the wards of Oleg Znarka, who, waiting until subside offensive outburst of "Locomotive", began methodically pressing on the gates of Ilya Konovalov and only by a miracle equalized before the break, not having the release of "two zero".

what happened in the second period, threw the crowded stands in shock. Starting with the employment goals of Alexander Khokhlacheva, "Spartak" with a killer methodically began to throw the puck in a minute and brought the score to 4:1. Red-white completely dominated on the court, over and over again bewilders the defense of the hosts. Early in the third period, the rookie Yaroslavtsev tai Retty has demonstrated that it possesses a great long wrist shot and gave the audience hope for a turning point in the game. But it never came. Spartak seemed not to have noticed this goal, again waited and replied in a similar shot of Elijah Talalaeva who scored twice. It became clear that the victory of the red-white will not give up.

Sochi for the first time in two years, wins the house "Neftekhimik"

"HC Sochi" (Sochi) – "the Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk) – 3:2 (0:0, 1:0, 2:2)

HC "Sochi" the last of the 24 participants took the start in the new season. The match with "Neftekhimik" had to command Sergey Zubov particular importance, because in the last three games on home ice "leopards" this opponent invariably inferior. Attracted in this match and the goalie confrontation. And not only that Dmitri Shikin held hundredth meeting in the regular championship KHL. Arrived in Sochi Konstantin Barulin , with this season defending the colors of "Neftekhimik".

the First washer spectators had to wait 38 minutes: at the end of the second period, Nikita Tochitskii most left behind the gate and just threw it into the far corner. But the next drawing excess sochintsev failed, Zack Mitchell ran to the gate, and distinguished himself in the minority. For the novice townspeople this washer became the first in KHL.

Shock link HC "Sochi" has spoken in the third period, when first Robert Rosen , and then Shawn Collins brought the advantage of the hosts to two washers. However, the visitors attempted to chase the opponent: officials did not immediately react to a gun shot Ildar Siksatara , the game continued and only after stopping the video gave the full picture. But no more tonight "Neftekhimik" is not enough.