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Market overview on 30.08.2019

Portal Forex trader 29.08.2019 at 21:30

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Hello. The market is not rich in the signals, and below we'll see what you should pay attention when trading in the Forex market on 30.08.2019


On the Silver stopped at the level of 18.28 and formed a pattern

Pin-bar. Perhaps we should expect a good correction down to the level 17,31 and should look here to sales. Do not forget about money management because the trade against the trend.

the Fundamental news Nikkei Asia Pacific -0,09% KOSPI IS 0.4%, the S&P/ASX 200 was 0.1%, the Shanghai Composite is 0.1%, the Shenzhen Composite is 0.17%, the Hang Seng Index up 0.3%

Asian markets continued Thursday's decline, investors have won the information the White House, officially confirming the introduction of fees on 1 September.

Until the last moment investors did not give up hope for a reprieve, the us President hinted at this development during the G7 summit.

Today in the morning came the important news by country:

New Zealand: the construction Permit Japan inflation, industrial output and retail sales Australia: new home sales, building permits, the volume of lending to the US Dow Jones + 1.25 percent S&P500; + 1,27% NASDAQ + 1,48%

Us indices rose on Thursday, thanks to upbeat economic and political news.

Investors received a clear message from the official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China Gao Feng about the continuation of the negotiation process between the US and China, confirmed the fact of communication between two state commissions on the phone.

the Purchase of shares also stimulated economic indicators: GDP, which showed growth excluding inflation and reducing the deficit in the trade balance.

the Evening will be released:

15-30 – Spending 15-30 individuals United States – Canada GDP 16-45 – 17-00 Chicago PMI – the expectations Index and consumer sentiment from the Michigan Institute 20-00 – Number of operating oil rigs

the Eurozone

FTSE + 0,99% DAX +1,19 % CAC40 + 1,51% Giuseppe Conte begins to perform the duties of the Prime Minister of Italy

the Main news, inspired by European investors on the purchase, was the return of Giuseppe Conte for the post of Prime Minister, which marked the end of political crisis in Italy.

the Participants also positively evaluated the economic news, low unemployment and high employment, Germany, the unexpected GDP growth in France.

in the Morning come the European indices:

9: 00 am – housing Prices in the UK 9.00 – retail sales Germany 9-45 – Inflation in France 10: 00 am Leading economic indicators Switzerland 12 -00 – Inflation Italy 12-00 – Inflation and unemployment in the Eurozone

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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