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Daily technical analysis for 4.09.2019

Portal Forex trader 03.09.2019 at 22:32

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 4.08.2019


On the EURUSD pair formed a pattern Pin-bar, but what I liob good support under it do not see. Will probably be a small correction in the district 1,10500. But in General, expect continuation of falling and achieving 1,08500. The preponderance of buyers in the statistics of transactions should contribute to this.


On a pair USDCHF formed a pattern of Absorption from level 0,9950. Highs update failed, but in the sale I think there is no hurry. Movement correction and probably soon will see continued growth.


On GBPUSD went to the level of 1,1950 and bounced formed a pattern Pin-bar. With the shopping until I'm in a hurry, because they are against the trend, and perhaps this is a correction to the area of the trendline. Waiting for developments and new signals in sales, due to buyers in the statistics transactions.


On AUDUSD failed to update the highs in and out of the sideways pattern, Bouncing from level 0,6700 and forming a pattern of Absorption. Likely will resume growth back to 0,6800. But buying against the trend do not see here, and wait for the resumption of the fall with the trend.


On EURGBP pair formed a pattern Pin-bar under the level 0,9111. The price of long moving under the level and probably up and not let it continue falling. Consider there sales.


On GBPJPY stopped at the support level 126,870 and formed a pattern Pin-bar. It seems that the price is not let down and we should continue to move sideways. Buy here do not consider, as the course to the nearest resistance is not great.

the Fundamental news APR KOSPI TO 0.09%, the S&P/ASX 200 — 0,38%, Shanghai Composite + 0.21% and the Shenzhen Composite + 0,66%, Hang Seng Index up 0.4% Nikkei up + 0.02%

Asian investors on Tuesday sold shares for most stock markets in the region, frustrated by the decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia to protect the bet. Nonstatistical published data on the fall in retail sales do not justify a rigid policy of the Regulator.

In the black left stock indices of Japan and China. Stock purchase stimulated: the growth rate during placement of government bonds the Bank of Japan and expectations of the summit between the U.S. and China.

Today in the morning came news by country:

China: PMI in service sector of Australia: GDP Japan: PMI in the services sector of the US S&P500; — 0,69% NASDAQ — 1,11% Dow Jones — 1,08%

the American fell on the second day of the week, after the release of "crushing statistics".Contrary to expectations of experts, the index of business activity and employment from ISM fell below the July figures.

the Situation is a direct consequence of the trade war with China and will only get worse, take into account the current and planned by the White House the growth of zaposlen in October.

the Evening will be released:

15-30 – the Volume of imports/exports and trade balance, US 15-30 – trade balance and productivity of Canada 17-00 – Interest rate Canada 21-00 – fed's Beige Book 23-30 – Weekly oil inventories from the API, the Eurozone, the DAX is 0.33 %, the CAC40 — 0,49%, the FTSE is 0.2%

British political impasse was the main reason for yesterday's sell stock on European exchanges. Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to "accelerate" the deputies, announcing early elections in any attempt to pass laws prohibiting Brakcet or to Express a vote of no confidence in the Government.

the speech of the leader of the labour party and the opposition Jeremy Corbin in the British Parliament

In response, the leader of the opposition called for the adoption of such a law at any price, Jeremy Corbyn proposes to require Boris Johnson to ask for another extension until the end of January 2020 in the case of the EU's rejection of the new terms. With this option, as majority of MPs, ie, the conservatives and the government lost control of Parliament.

the Possibility of postponing the hard option Brakcet slightly raised quotations of the pound, falling to three year lows.

in the Morning and afternoon released statistics:

10-15 – 10-45 PMI Spain PMI Italy 10-50 – 10-55 PMI France PMI Germany 11-00 – 11-30 PMI Euro zone – PMI UK 12-00 – retail sales in the Eurozone

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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