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"Rosgeologiya" can be a Corporation to manage licenses on the shelf

"Oil of Russia" 04.09.2019 at 10:50

"Rosgeologiya" may become a Corporation for the management of Unallocated offshore licenses in the Arctic, to consider such an option offers the Ministry of energy, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "Kommersant", citing a draft report by the Ministry.

According to the publication, the document has been prepared as a response to the appeal of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who in July suggested the President to create a state operator to increase the access of private investors to the Arctic shelf. According to Trutnev, the distribution of stations on the continental shelf should be similar to the Norwegian model, with the state-owned company proposed to retain a share of 30%. However, the Ministry offered a more conservative option: a specially crafted shelf of the Corporation or brought to the license management "Rosgeologia" must be not less than 50% in offshore projects, the newspaper said.

Now the license on the shelf can get only the structure of "Rosneft" and "Gazprom", but the law forbids them to attract minority private players, including foreigners. "Rosneft" has already created such a joint venture with Eni, ExxonMobil and Equinor, but the project stopped because of the sanctions.

"the Government decided to liberalize access to the shelf, to the Protocol of the meeting of Deputy Prime Ministers Yuri Trutnev and Dmitry Kozak on August 26, but the conditions of access for private investors is still unclear. In particular, according to the Protocol, ministries were instructed to study the idea of "acquiring the state of the company with the functions of coordinating the work of the "private subsoil users on the continental shelf", – the newspaper writes.

At the same energy in the draft report to the President of the Russian Federation referenced in the publication, notes that the "shelf" Corporation will be subject to the same sectoral sanctions as existing players. In addition, to create it from scratch no budget. Among other issues, the Ministry notes the lack of a sufficient number of qualified personnel to work offshore, the newspaper notes.

Several interlocutors of the newspaper industry also noted that, despite the presence of public procurement, the financial position of the Rosgeologia has deteriorated, leading to failure to fulfill contracts. The energy Ministry on the request is not answered. "Rosgeologia" declined to comment.

Source: PRIME