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Elena Kuletskaya made a feast for his daughter

Article 02.09.2019 at 14:57

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To Hold a celebration, Elena decided in the village in the fresh air. Star came up with the perfect holiday atmosphere, selecting the "fruitful" theme. According to kuletskoy, she wanted to see around him a lot of apples, baskets and hay and feel the beauty of nature. "The holiday was planned lightweight and agile, Chinna feast around the bowls to hold not like. So I used the services of catering. Comfortable? Is not the word! All served with portioned jars, decorated beautifully, delightfully tasty, and the main argument – the owner spared cooking. And given the fact that the barbecue was prepared by the husband – completely free!", ironically the host said.

By the way, the birthday really was original. Caring mother has thought of everything: from realistic decor in the form of domestic animals, ending with the dress code of the event.

Although the feast of the birthday girl and passed, leading along with his family decided to stay at the place of celebration and to spend the rest of the summer on the nature. "Begin to enter the country-country the flavor... just in time for the departure" – shared Kuletskaya with your followers on Instagram.