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Crowd marketing: how to choose sites to host the links?

SAPE.RU - Blog 03.09.2019 at 08:04

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Crowd marketing is an effective tool for promoting products and sites. In fact, it is one of the types of covert advertising that has some of the features. That is, the crowd-marketing is primarily marketing, and only secondarily, SEO. Approach to the selection of sites for need with this in mind.

an Example of the crowd-links

crowd marketing is one of the ways you communicate with your target audience. This tool is applicable not only in the promotion of goods and services — they are actively used in politics and in the economy and in the social sphere, but, in fact, everywhere. Campaign for crowd-marketing is carried out where there is needed an audience. Understanding this, the need to apply to the selection of sites.

the Goal of the crowd-marketing

crowd-marketing is used to achieve a very large range of purposes. The home is finding and attracting the target audience. But only for this purpose crowd-marketing is not restricted. Along the way you can solve other tasks — all or part of them:

increase brand awareness, create a safe reference mass, improve the image of the website or company to work with negative reviews and so on.

in order to achieve all these goals, or their parts, one must know their audience, its needs, interests, localization and so on.

SEO parameters of sites for

From the above it follows that the choice of sites for placement on the familiar optimizer settings you need to pay attention in the least. Generally speaking, all of the metrics used in the selection of donors in the usual link building, crowd-marketer may be interested in only one attendance area. And then with some reservations. To embed crowd-reference need not what got attendance and attendance by the target audience. 50 thousand users a day, discussing the novelties in the world of cinema is not useful to the online store that sells bedding. But the mommy forum where they day grind everyday issues — fit, even if attendance will be a couple of orders of magnitude lower.

In the context of SEO, we should mention more about one particular: you don't even need to leave a link in the usual sense of the word. It can be negligably address of the page you are recommending or even just a mention of the website — the user who will be interested in your message, you will find the website through search.

When placing you need to keep in mind that regular users who communicate in the Internet, I have no idea about your professional tricks. They don't understand what zusammensto site, not interested in services to determine if it is SEO parameters, 've never seen the panel webmaster Yandex and even on the counters of attendance have a very vague idea. It should approach the selection of sites and crowd-marketer, then his communication will be natural and will cause the trust not only of the audience but also the service of moderation of the portal.

moreover, good forums almost always have a high level of zusammensto — right here talking to people who constantly post relevant links in the discussions. In a world where you have no idea about SEO, that's fine.

If you analyze the best platform for a crowd-marketing campaigns by conventional means SEO, then 80% of them will not pass the quality criteria that we follow when link building.

So the first rule of crowd-marketer — get out of my head optimizatorskih all sorts of things.

What are the crowd-links?

the first paragraph logically follows the second. As already mentioned, in the crowd-marketing link may not appear as in the usual link building. This follows from the very nature of this tool. Because, first and foremost, a marketer focuses on the audience, not a search engine, the question is about indexing links is in the final plan. Therefore, in crude any good link dofollow and nofollow, and a script and even not a link but just text negligably website address. Here is an interesting detail: while it is not known how Yandex react to this type of mention, but it is well established that Google takes into account reclinabile links, and links to nofollow, and even redirektnye links — most importantly, that any link to be visible on the website.

you Can never post the link, and to report information to uniquely identify the promoted website via search engine: the address the offline store, the name of the brand, the name of the seller, a unique product that only you have. Modern users are sophisticated enough to use search.

In General, this is the case when the reference is possible and necessary to push through any method: at least a carcass, even stuffed. Incidentally, the practice of SEO reveals that the overall efficiency of the reference weight will grow if there are reclinabile links.

what to look for when choosing a platform?

This is the easiest question in the crowd-marketing. The main selection criteria are the nature of the discussion, its attendance and activity of the audience. Attendance and active discussion is not the same thing as it might seem at first glance. A huge number of visitors may not participate in the discussion, but reading all the posts. On the forums usually indicates the number of views of a topic, you can use this indicator as an indirect criterion of attendance. The efficiency will increase by orders of magnitude if it's going to get in the context of a specific discussion.

it is important to take into account the General direction of the site. Unlikely to be appropriate to come up with a discussion of the qualities of integrated circuits already mentioned, a forum for young mothers. But the question of the choice of bike here is likely to be of interest.

Another important criterion is the localization sites: the finer it is, the higher the impact -- the most common forum of the small town will have a better CTR and a better conversion rate than the huge Federal portal.

The best for accommodation are narrative and focused forums, professional communities, and services questions and answers.

Buying crowd of the links in the Wizard.Sape

You can specify additional requirements to sites for placement of crowd-links that will be considered for placement in the "Commentary on job" in the settings activity.

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