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Bedros Kirkorov criticized the position of Bulgaria on "Soviet repression"

Latest news / 04.09.2019 at 16:37

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Soviet, Bulgarian and Russian actor Bedros Kirkorov, father of the singer Philip Kirkorov commented on the review of the Bulgarian Ministry of foreign Affairs of Soviet repression after the victory in the Second world war.

"Bulgaria was a socialist country, and thanks to the Soviet army was released. And now the rising tide that supposedly occupied it, brought the repression. Yes, we brought repression, but we tried those Bulgarian fascists, who choked the guerrilla movement in Bulgaria. We judged people's court and shot. I fought against fascism and to end I will fight," - said Kirkorov in interview to the telegram-"the Rise".

He noted that the Bulgarian authorities strive to "turn" the war of liberation in the alleged occupation and try to "light a fire" against Russia.

let's Remind, the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria, commented on the approval of the Bulgarian Ministry of foreign Affairs about the exhibition, timed to the 75 th anniversary of the liberation of Eastern Europe.

the Federation Council is urged to give a harsh response to the statement by Bulgaria on its statement about the "dubious historical thesis "liberation", which refers to military actions of the red Army in the Second world war.