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Israeli diplomat: the State of Ukraine and mova is a fictional story

Latest news / 04.09.2019 at 18:24

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The Whole history of the Ukrainian nationhood is invented, and Ukrainian mova is an artificially created language.

the opinion in the air of the Internet channel Iton TV was the former Ambassador of Israel in Russia and Ukraine, Zvi Magen. He believes that the independence of the state are not provided by the mere adoption of the act of "independence".

According to the diplomat (who managed to serve in the intelligence), national independence should be gained and in this case, for it must be constantly fought for.

"Ukraine had current, new, - had to create anything from the state. Before that, there was no Ukraine. It was not the Square as a state. Individual components were, but the state itself, I mean the institutions, policies, behavior, internal, external... It is not a state, Ukraine did not have statehood, it had to invent it anew, including the language", - quotes the Magen "Politnavigator".

the Israelis said that the establishment of the Ukrainian statehood is complicated by the fact that the Square very "unlucky" with the neighbors. Apparently so, according to the former Ambassador, whose national development has been extremely slow.

"we Started well. Began to develop and the economy, politics, education, and culture, but not simple. Therefore, Ukraine at this stage is in a state, relatively speaking, the development and upholding of its independence," diplomatically said Magen.

After that, he said that Ukraine has "very large potential" and if all goes "where necessary", then it can develop into one of the most powerful States in Europe. Observing political correctness, the former Ambassador did not state that at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukraine's potential was much greater, and over the years of its "independence" she had managed to lose its order. Yes, even lost part of its territory.

This unpleasant circumstance Israeli diplomat-spy explained that the state border is not defined "in all this region."

meanwhile, in Russia (and not only) many people believe that the artificial state of Ukraine is not on the path of becoming a great power, but, on the contrary, is steadily moving towards its logical end.