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Created a new way to defrost the surface in a second

Latest news / 05.09.2019 at 07:04

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Scientists from the United States of America and Japan has created an innovative way to quickly defrost frozen surfaces. New technology requires a hundred times less energy and is thousands of times less time than traditional methods for de-icing. Innovation is devoted to material published in Applied Physics Letters.

the Traditional methods of de-icing based on the effects on the ice across its surface. The new technology is aimed at the zone of contact of two media. In the end, the melted ice simply falls off from the surface and releases it.

the Researchers said that finding new ways to get rid of was ldocument primarily for energy reasons, the conventional methods of defrosting require too much energy. Plus, the existing methods of defrosting are not very fast.

"the Energy normally spent on heating of the surface, and not ice. Accordingly, we thought that if to send a powerful electrical pulse directly on the border environments, it will create a thin layer of water, which, however, will effectively separate the ice from the surface. And so it happened. Of course, our method is to some extent limited by the geometry of the surface, but it in any case cheaper and faster than the usual ways of dealing with icing," says Nenad miljković from the University of Illinois.