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In the Krasnoyarsk region of 5,000 people are trained in occupations in demand

World news - VSESMI.RU 05.09.2019 at 05:07

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In the Krasnoyarsk territory about five thousand citizens were trained in employment — more than four thousand unemployed citizens, about 700 women on maternity leave and 102 of the pensioner. Professional training is held in the specialties of forklift driver, pastry chef, a bulldozer operator, excavator driver, crane driver, hairdresser, cook, salesman, and mechanic repair of cars, slinger, tractor, of welder, electrician on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and others, the press service of the Agency of labour and employment. Training takes place on the basis of the 130 educational institutions, there are both full-time and part-time form using distance learning technology. The service noted that the citizens will provide financial support for travel and housing if learning takes place in other areas. After the preparation the candidates can find jobs in utilities, trade and public catering, household, maintenance, and trucking, forestry and construction industries. IA "Press-Line" - news in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region.