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Programming in C#: from novice to professional (2019) Video

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular online Library 04.09.2019 at 17:56

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular Internet Library

Website Visitors NetFact.Ru – For You the video course "Programming in C#: from novice to expert." Learn C# and the platform .NET including .NET Core and start practicing object-oriented programming (OOP).

What you will learn:

- How platform .NET and .NET Core

- Basic data types in C#

- flow Control program execution: loops, conditions

- Arrays and collections: Array, List, Dictionary, Stack, Queue

- Classes and structs: the difference in the context of memory management

- OOP in C#: inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation

- OOP in C#: interfaces, abstract classes, access modifier

Methods: params, out, ref, static, overloading, optional parameters

- the Basics of the debugging process

- memory Management: garbage collection, boxing\unboxing

- Enumerate


- Writing simple programs and games in C# such as "TIC-TAC-toe"

If you want to start programming and choose the language to start learning, then C# is one of the best options. C# is one of the most balanced of languages from the point of view of typing, not to mention the brevity of the syntax and the lack of serious hereditary baggage as in the case of C++. A few years ago, the debate about what language is better C# or Java was holivarnaya at its core, but for 2019 of such disputes becomes smaller, because C# was cross-platform, greatly advanced the possibilities to achieve high level of performance, and typing and syntactic features long beat Java. So if you're choosing between Java and C#... well, you understand.