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Change operator — get 50 subscriptions themes of the day 02.09.2019 at 21:03

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An extra Couple of subscriptions to a telephone number is not uncommon. Accidentally clicked the link, pressed the wrong button. And if, suddenly, 50? It turns out, it happens.

Sviatoslav (name changed) decided to change the operator: the usual MTS became ill catch home. The transition to "the Megaphone" has passed without excesses. Rate for 600 rubles, in the package everything you need, connection great. Only now in mid-March on, suddenly, 2 500 rubles. Not knowing where he is so missed, Svyatoslav appealed to the same salon, where they received the SIM card.

the Employee who gave him the SIM card was not there — he reportedly has resigned. The Manager suggested that the amount of the invoice is not surprising, because the phone number connected Svyatoslav as many as 50 subscriptions. Show Svyatoslav computer screen with the information the Manager refused, but assured that all subscriptions turned off. And advised to install the mobile application to control the services they easier. Sviatoslav was asked to disable the ability to go in the negative and with a clear conscience went home.

I Think the story ended? And here and there. After a month Svyatoslav receives from MegaFon one more account... of 1 200 rubles. Finally offended by the new operator, the subscriber wrote a letter to the transition back to MTS. The transition heroically prevented the employee "Megaphone", which immediately called Svyatoslav and was offered to stay for half of the subscription fee.

What was that?

During the investigation of Svyatoslav received many apologies from the operator, the monthly fee he was reduced to just over $ 100. And, as reported by in the press service of "MegaFon", "now the client is happy — when switching to another tariff he placed a ban on subscription, the so-called content expense." Since then problems suddenly arising subscriptions were not observed. After all, when you connect the content of the special account fee for all of the partnership subscription is charged only with him. So, if you keep it $ 0, then the subscription won't be connected. And the prohibition on connected infotainment services will protect the subscriber from operator subscriptions and additional services.

But the question how did it happen, no Sviatoslav, no in "the Megaphone" did not answer. Although the economist Timur Nigmatullin believes that this situation could arise through the fault of the caller: "I think the high probability of cross-links or acceptances of push messages. If you click "okay", you're automatically subscribed. When switching from operator to operator it is possible that the client was particularly inclined to click on incoming push messages".

With Nigmatulinym agrees analyst TelecomDaily Ilya Shatilin: "There are many fraudulent websites who sign the subscriber for such services. Perhaps the caller was looking for some content and walked it for them, as they move search spam like "download movies FREE".

Catilin claims that the operator does not sign anyone usually. Have a subscription to a click when a client clicks on the banner and it connects to a paid service. "It is worth noting that only 5% of subscribers turn to the operators for refunds for subscriptions that they consciously do not connect. The rest are just puzzling this question. Incidentally, many of the operators advertised in sauce, they have no subscriptions. For example: "Tinkoff mobile", Yota, DANYCOM.Mobile. And it really becomes their competitive advantage," says the analyst.

No subscriptions, and services

History with 50 subscriptions, of course, is not a rule but an exception. But when paid services on a subscription are part of the tariff not rare. In this story hit Valeria. She wrote on his page in Facebook that at the end of July issued a SIM card of "MegaFon" and two days later went to my account and saw that she had connected two subscriptions: "Who called+" for 1,6 rubles a day and "Change the tone" for 3 rubles a day. The rate was chosen directly in the cabin of the operator, while the full fare conditions it was not shown, only told about the cost of the package per month and the traffic. About the availability of additional services didn't read the contract is not given, was given to the hands only SIM card and check. Valeria, find the subscription, immediately turn them off, but osadochek remained.

"This is not a subscription service, but the company told in the press service of "MegaFon". They are already on default at the tariff, when the subscriber is connected. All such services on the number the caller is notified via SMS. Also, it can view your profile and your services, and to manage them in the dashboard".

the press service stressed that the subscriber may read a contract and pick up your copy, and said that before buying or clearance rate suggest the user not only to ask the consultant, but also to see the desired rates on the website of the operator.

Utopiate? Save yourselves

So should the operator take care of informing the subscriber? In "the Megaphone" say that he in the above situations did the right thing.

"Mobile subscription, conditionally, can be divided into "white" and "gray", — underline in a press-service of "MegaFon". — We work with official partners legal mobile subscriptions and not hiding algorithm is subscribe, making it transparent to the caller. All actions will definitely meet the requirements of the legislation."

In "the Megaphone" also advised subscribers not to click on questionable links on the Internet, read carefully the footnotes, when the site asked to confirm certain information. And not to follow links, when getting the TEXT messages from unknown senders. That is blamed on the caller.

But the right of the subscriber to "read the contract" spoken of operators, means the obligation of the seller, the subscribers and sellers of services — is often overlooked. "First and foremost we must remember that in accordance with article 8 of the law "On protection of consumer rights" the consumer has the right to obtain complete and accurate information about the provided service, and provided such information must be in pictorial form and at the time of conclusion of the contract, — says the managing partner of law firm "Steps" Andrey Sharkov. Rules of rendering of telephone services also indicate the responsibility of the operator to inform the potential caller list of services and conditions for their provision, so, of course, if the operator is hidden from the caller of the services provided for a fee, it is a violation of the law."

He adds that in any case the operator is obliged to provide the subscriber with information about prisoners with subscriber contracts.

According to Andrei Sharkov to find excess of the subscription, the subscriber may apply to the court, because of any violation of the rights of consumers provided for the recoverability of non-pecuniary damage, plus to this, there are other ways to protect the violated rights. "Disputes arising out of contracts on rendering communication services, there should be a mandatory pre-trial procedure, he warns. — So if you think that the operator is violating your rights, you have the right to defend them by an appeal to the court with the relevant requirement, but only after I tried to resolve this issue in the complaint procedure".

However, such claims are scarce. "In the practice of Russian courts the claims of consumers to mobile operators although there, but not widespread — says Sharkey. — Perhaps it is because of the small size of the potentially recoverable amounts, and possibly due to settlement of most disputes under the claims. The majority of these claims are considered in favor of the operators, and in other cases in favor of consumers collected the compensation of moral harm in the size of 3-5 thousand rubles."