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The Analysis Of the whole truth about "Halva" themes of the day 04.09.2019 at 21:02

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"Halva" is the most popular card installment by the number of issued copies. But along with the convenience of control the client receives a bouquet of disadvantages card linked to use of partner network.

"Paste" ambitious

Sovcombank started map "Paste" in March 2017. For the first half of 2019, the Bank has issued more than 3.3 million of these cards. "Paste" was originally an ambitious project by Sovcombank. Sergei Khotimsk, co-founder of Sovcombank, said in an interview that the total investment in the project for 5-7 years from the beginning of the run will be about 10 billion rubles. Only advertising in 2017 cost the Bank 1.5 billion.

"Halva" as other card installments, it had to compete with two highly corrosive substances that developed in the early 2000s, — POS-loans (loans at points of sale) and credit cards. On 1 July 2017, according to the Bank, in the hands of the Russians already had 30 million credit card and the total portfolio of POS-loans in 2017 exceeded 200 billion rubles.

Between the loan and credit card

First, consider the difference cards installment from POS-lending and classic credit cards.

the Consumer is accustomed to credit cards, you could consider a "Paste" like a credit card with a considerably limited functionality, but with orderly grace periods.

Limited functionality is, of course, a minus. The holder of a regular credit card can use the card in almost any store, pay for online goods and services, pay taxes and fines. To spend provided Sovkombank the credit limit on the "Paste" can only be in the partner network of "Halva". The network consists of 172 thousand points (as of September 2019), there are representatives of all categories of goods, you can pay for goods and services online (for example, "Yandex.Taxi"). But it is unlikely that the partners will appear on or the traffic police, and at some point it may be inconvenient that the purchase can be done in a "roundabout", and "Magnet" card not accepted.

to circumvent the limitations of the network, Sovcombank created the conditions for the use of the card as debit. The client can Deposit money into a separate account and pay with his card for any goods and services. Moreover, the Bank immediately established improved conditions for purchases in the own funds of the partners of the network: 7% paid on the balance, and if the client has made four purchases, totaling more than 10 thousand rubles, of which one is worth more than 3 thousand rubles, the Bank accrued to 8.25% per annum on the balance. Plus gave cashback of 1.5% on all purchases with own funds.

the Convenience of "Halva" is revealed when another look at it. Almost all beginners take a credit card with a commitment to yourself never to get seriously into debt, and always extinguish the debt in grace period. Grace period — the period of free maintenance credit card charges. Usually it is around 50-55 days. Many of did not bear this oath constitute a separate category of Bank customers under the name "to-I-still-just-took-credit-Yes-no-in-zhist".

With the subtleties of the grace period to sort out is not always even the disciplined customers. The logic of bankers does not always coincide with the logic of taxpayers. For example, the customer made a few purchases on the credit card and begins to extinguish the debt. What logic tells him: "the end of the grace period, the oldest purchase is about to end, you paid her money and interest will not pay. And yesterday's purchases bring the money later." But the banking logic he guessed. And it is this: "This customer just made money for the last purchase. Does he have time to pay for the old?"

overall, very few credit card holders will be able to clearly Express at least some reasonable way to not pay interest, except for monthly payment that can cover your debt. From 60% to 80% of borrowers don't fulfill the terms of the grace period, these details led the managing Director of Sovcombank Andrey Spivakov in an interview with Retail & Loyalty.

With "Paste" in this respect is easier. Each purchase has its own grace period (the length of choosing partners, it is most often longer than the grace period on regular credit card, in about 4-6 months). To get the monthly payment, the cost of the product is simply divided by the number of months provided by installments. If at some month installment have multiple purchases, monthly payments for each one are summarized. The total amount of payment available in the mobile app or using SMS. If you have enough of prudence, attention and, most importantly, money, then you will not have to pay interest.

What distinguishes "Paste" from the POS loan?

the Lack of interest payments (although interest-free POS-loans is too much). The possibility of more careful monitoring and maintenance of several monthly payments. The right to use the "Paste" in those stores where you never been and is not expected the provision of POS loans. No need to re-execute POS-loan "Halva" is a tool for regular purchases.

At the same time, consumer credit has successfully withstood an attack by the card installment. For example, "Paste" — after almost two and a half years to expand networks and massive advertising — the amount of loans granted (USD 32.7 billion) would not be a leader among the top banks in terms of POS-lending, claiming only the second or third place. Most likely, because the installment was familiar and in the market of consumer crediting.

From "Conscience" to "Paste" one step

"Halva" was launched in a tight group of competitors. "Conscience" Kiwi Bank appeared four months before the launch of "Paste". The creators of "Conscience" made her pay, but it was the wrong decision, and a few months later the cost had to be cancelled.

From "Conscience" to "Paste" is different from the much more serious investments in training and advertising, in the creation of an ecosystem (in addition to our own website and mobile app to find the nearest shops partners, almost immediately had the opportunity to tie the card to the phone) free of charge.

five months similar loan product launched a long-time leader on the market of POS-lending the Bank "home Credit". A year after "Paste" the sixth Bank by size of assets in the country alpha Bank — issued card installment "the#of westdene".

Card "home Loan" brought "Halva" the biggest trouble. HCF Bank was hit in a weak spot — a limited list of partners. He was also an affiliate network (argued that it is more the proportion of sentences with long, up to 12 months installment), but outside customers were offered a three-month installment (longer than the standard grace period 55 days). In advertising, it sounded like "a installment anywhere from three to 12 months," and she was opposed to the "deferred list".

Sovcombank made a serious effort to patch the hole. He had to start ControlPanel which explained that the true installment only for "Halva". Without naming names (when the market just three cards, this can not be done), the Bank described the weak point of the competitors: "If you bought this card TV for 60 000 roubles ostensibly interest-free installments for four months, returned to the map 59 000, but the remaining 1 000 was made late and has gone beyond the grace period, in this case, the Bank — card Issuer charges you interest on all 60 000 at a rate of 25-35% per annum, and for the entire period, i.e. four months. In the end, advertising the installments suddenly becomes a normal credit card, a grace period will be cancelled".

"Paste" in this case worked more sparing. Grace period for late payment, it is five days, and the interest accrued only on the sixth day after delinquency, and only on the overdue amounts, not the whole amount of the loan.

Now the conditions for delinquencies on the map "Paste" hard enough. Sovcombank takes 590 rubles for the first late payment (the sixth day after the due date), for the second — 590 rubles plus 1% of the outstanding amount at this point, and 2% for the third late on. When failure to make the monthly payment for "Halva" there is a penalty of 19% per annum on the total amount owed for each calendar day of delay.

the Time showed that HCF, and "alpha" was shot empty. Alfa-Bank since July of 2018 made installments in foreign stores only one month (starting when she was four months) and December 1, 2018 will no longer give out the map. New customers, looking for "#of westdene," offers a different map — "100 days without interest". Card installment "home Loan" transformed into a map of "Freedom".

On this map outside the network partners are asked only 51 days without interest, and then only within the limit of that give and raise for excellent use of "Freedom" in the framework of the partnership network.

Strategists at the exit time tactics!

what advantages and disadvantages facing consumers today?

Map "Paste" transferable, is issued for 10 years, issue and maintenance free. Replenishment with cards of other banks without a fee.

the Mobile app allows you to switch between own and borrowed accounts, manage points of kesbeke (which can be translated to the map at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble) to monitor repayment of loans, pay bills, transfer funds to any card, including a phone number to clients of the savings Bank or Sovcombank, to replenish the deposits.

For the payment of monthly payments you need to top up the card at least their amount, and the funds will be automatically debited on the specified day. If deposited amount exceeds the estimated monthly payment, the balance shall be credited to own funds.

for Free we can transfer up to 40 thousand rubles daily on other cards to withdraw up to 100 thousand rubles in cash per month from their money. The borrowed funds can also be transferred to other card (up to 15 thousand every month) and withdraw cash (up to 15 thousand in a single operation), but it will have to pay 2.9% of the withdrawn amount plus 290 rubles. The limit for withdrawal of own funds can be increased by the application client. For depositors, the withdrawal limit is already set in the amount of 1.5 million rubles.

Cashback is charged for purchases with own funds. Size kesbeke depends on what you will pay the difference between the payment card and the phone is quite significant:

in the partner stores pay the phone gives 6% of kasbek; the card through the terminal or via the Internet in shops-partners — 2%; in shops, other than partners, and 1% with any method of payment.

to get cashback, you have a month to make at least five purchases in total for 10 thousand rubles and more. Cashback is limited to the top — 5 thousand rubles per month. You can get up to 35% of kesbeke for one purchase own means using the phone at the shops-partners (once a year limit — no more than 5 thousand rubles), if for six consecutive months is a condition about five purchases for 10 thousand rubles a month. 12 months installment for the purchase of one of the partners of the borrowed funds is given once in three months, but not more than two times per year if using the phone was made five purchases in installments, the partners in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for three consecutive months.

in addition to kesbeke, and accrued interest on the loans. 5,5% — if the client makes at least one purchase per month, 7% — if there are five purchases of goods and services per 10 thousand roubles. The percentage is not calculated at all, if the card is not used.

the Design, re-issuance, card servicing and free delivery. Mobile banking is also free, but there is a condition: we have a month to go three times to the app. If you do not come, then I will pay 99 rubles per month. You can go to in a row, the prescribed interval is not.

"SMS, in which you begged us for money, we have not received"

Than usually unhappy customers?

Duplicate content: the client wanted a credit card, got it in the office or from the courier, but the limit was 10 cents. Credit limit like any other credit card, the Bank chooses based on the data provided by the client. Of course, the map, as we wrote above, can be used as a debit, but clearly articulated the wishes of the customer about the credit card ignored. The number of complaints suggests that employees are motivated strictly to give out as many cards as possible "Paste", despite some obstacles, such as no customer wishes the card to just debit functionality.

In this regard, it would be interesting to know the number of active cards (the number of holders that use the card "Halva" on a regular basis). The Bank does not call, but to calculate the figure can be based on indirect evidence. "About 2.5 million customers have appreciated the advantages of our card installments. An average of one active map is made 12 transactions per month, and every minute on the "Paste" occurs 45 purchases across the country", — reported in March of 2019 senior managing Director of Sovcombank Andrey Spivakov in an interview with the magazine "Banking technology". This information is sufficient to know that the "Paste" at the time was approximately 165 thousand active users, or every 15th of the number received it. This figure is woefully small and not entirely consistent with the portfolio size on this map, but the other Bank does not.

this Past summer on the forums, a wave of complaints to Sovcombank: the end of 2018, the Bank sent customers an SMS for activating the service of "Defense of payment" via SMS. It does not allow to go beyond a fixed threshold monthly payment, stretching out the installments. Two months the service was free, then cost 99 rubles per month from the fifth month and 2.9% of the payment, but not less than 299 rubles. To give, it was necessary to send a reply SMS with a specific text. Some clients claimed that the Bank's notice not followed the conclusion of the paid service, someone complained that nothing was received.

Often come across the complaint to a Commission of 99 rubles, which would be waived if the customer did not go three times a month in the app map.

Widespread complaints of problems with payments, by mistake made out of credit funds are not the partner that leads to an unexpected fee. For example, regular customers of "smear" from "Leroy Merlin". The affiliate program is connected online-shop "Leroy Merlin Market", but the offline store, the partner is not. Easy to find complaints on the care of the stores of affiliate network, which is not reflected in a timely manner on the website.

the Difficulty that brings the affiliate system and the hybrid nature of the card, the Bank fails to overcome. All these complaints can be blamed on the carelessness of customers, but the customers certainly see the intent on improving fees.

Who is the map: You will use the card only as a debit card. These clients rarely make complaints to "Paste". System kushbakov at the map is quite advanced and comparable to the terms on the cards of other banks. However, one must keep in mind that Sovcombank earns increasing spending in partner stores, and the ways in which he will achieve it, you may not like. The Bank is not engaged in cross-selling, but pressure in the direction of increase in partner network can not be avoided. Credit card for those who are able to control the monthly expenses and the likes clear rules of the game. The load you will get all the problems usually associated with using a network of partners, primarily the need to track whether the store you went. And if the debit card holder can only receive the bonus inattentive user credit "Paste" will face unexpected expenditure, which is annoying usually stronger profits.

Sergey KASHIN,