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Report for August 2019

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 05.09.2019 at 13:08

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Hi All. Summer is over, August has passed. It is time to summarize the past month.

Sites new basket

In the report I now share info on new projects. Old sites, it was decided to abandon. Why? Half of the biggest sites — medical (see no distant prospects in this niche for yourself). The other half are very old sites, where content is almost completely outdated. Because of this, all the old websites are losing traffic and income. They are all paid off and now just bring in some income and gradually fade away.

bet on new sites that are "on the conscience" (more quality content, better design, more functionality, focus on people and their needs, less advertising).

Here are some write that the sites — everything. No one is making more websites etc. I do. And I will continue to do so until I see this perspective. Will there be a result, and how quickly sites will pay off — we'll see. I'll write reports in the blog.

Site 1 Information site, which has invested already more than 1 million rubles. Start of site work: October 1, 2018. Site for 11 months.

Screen attendance with the SS metric, and more.

Traffic No straps no longer overcome. Was stuck in place. In General, the winter is ahead (the site not the season). So the traffic will fall.

it would be Possible to prepare and to write articles that and in winter to carry the traffic, but it was decided to invest money in another project.

the Peak monthly bandwidth: 16 926 (18.08). Now at ~ 14k.

the Straps I have are...

100 (26.10.2018)

300 (06.11.2018)

500 (16.12.2018)

1000 (12.01.2019)

2000 (30.01.2019)

3 000 (03.02.2019)

5 000 (19.04.2019)

10 000 (12.07.2019)

15 000

20 000

30 000

... Income

On the website reasonable monetization — no pushey/vsplyvaet/teasers/etc. Only Yan and AdSense.

the structure of the income for August:

— Yan: 39 831

— Adsens: 12 509

total: 52 340 RUB.

Traffic has grown, and incomes sank. Yan specifically summed up in August. For unknown reasons, fell sharply CPMV, and with it the income. Screen fall. Yan added Inpage-video blocks (one on desktop, mobile turbo on the second page). Until tested. AdSense, on the other hand, grew (CPM/Income). If so goes further, that will gradually reduce the share of Yan. Report

Am sign in Google.doks. Link to a copy of the sample.

Put in August: (RUB): 47 778

have Invested a total (rubles): 1 189 595

Returned all the time (ROI): 17%

Returned for a month: 4.4%

income for the month (RUR): 52 340 (-1924)

Income per 1K uniques (RUB): 132 (-12)

monthly bandwidth: 396 820 (+24 208)

the daily Traffic: 801 12 (+781)

number of articles: 1 279 (+37)

Unique article per day: 10,3 (+0,6)

Things Decided not to throw the filling. Published 37 articles. Many articles in the work in the planned publications. In the flow writing the full amount, not the cost of the published article. Bought only one eternal link for 2.2 K. Wanted to buy more, but in the exchanges, quite a few normal sites for my theme, or ask for big bucks for the link. for the month gathered about 1K push-subscribers (subscribers are sent a new record). Only posam: Slightly upgrade and improved services on the website. Storm Zen. Write about it a separate post when we get there site. Or when we're not. This whole Saga. Sent the website in a Heartbeat waiting for moderation. Thoughts and ideas

I Want to see on the site in the future was the traffic not only with the PS. The goal: to make as much direct traffic. When people know the website and it comes without PS. For this you need to raise a permanent CA site.

no easy Task. Experience a little. We need to create good content + services on the website. And to introduce tools that constantly returns the user to the website (push, email newsletter, subscribe to social. networks, etc.).

While the proportion of direct traffic to the site: a 2.5%. It is necessary that the figure has grown. Want in the future at least 30% (without loss of number of visitors to the SS, of course).

Site 2 Satanik, about which I wrote here. The beginning of the 13.03.2018. The site for 18 months. The website purchased.

will make it into the report. The site is small. Any Grand plans for him there. While we only occasionally to pour into articles and monetize (in September hang advertising).


Put in August: (RUB): 179

have Invested a total (rubles): 17 611

monthly bandwidth: 8 800

the daily Traffic: 284

number of articles: 103

Unique article per day: 2,8

While this website is nothing more to consider. Total is also not going to do. In the next report, I think, to make a few more projects. Now program a couple of services. Invest a lot of cash

Q: have reports to write or be limited to only informational sites?

note: when the survey is included in the record, please

I Have everything. If you have questions — write.

thank you All for your attention.

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