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Huawei spoke about the future HarmonyOS and the first devices on it

MobiDevices – interesting magazine about technology! 04.09.2019 at 16:31

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Senior product Manager at Huawei Peter Gauden, in his interview to Digital Trends said that HarmonyOS in the near time will appear on the "smart" watches and laptops sold outside of China. According to Gaudina, HarmonyOS is a "unified operating system that will cover all types of products," from TVs and fitness products to smart speakers and smartphones. The device, using the operating system of Huawei, will be able to interact freely with each other.The new OS is open source and, in the long term, it can be used in the products of other manufacturers. Compatibility with different applications and programming languages is provided by the compiler's Ark.Also Peter Gauden once again noted that although HarmonyOS can run on smartphones, is a priority Huawei continues to be Android. Therefore, judge according to Peter Gauden, HarmonyOS should combine the different form factors of devices in a single ecosystem, regardless of the manufacturer. Sounds promising, but what happens in reality – we have yet to learn.