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Cake in cake form and other short jokes

Pectrum 05.09.2019 at 19:00

Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

Therapist: I think I know why you constantly bullied.I:— Why?Therapist (throws me in your notebook): Because you're lame!

When talking about the uselessness of higher education, I say: "And imagine how cozy and comfortable would be Facebook if Zuckerberg dropped out".

the Husband decided to wash their own clothes. Powerhouses near the washing machine, he shouted: — Dear, what mode you need to install? Look what is written on your shirt, ' replied the wife. — "Jaroussky".

Me: Hello, my name is Andrew and I hate the song Allegrova.All:— Hi, Andrew.

what if the water puddles that remain for a cat Catnip? Let him for himself and cleans!

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