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AMD promised to solve problems with dynamic overclocking CPU Ryzen 3000

News — Gambling 05.09.2019 at 15:01

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Recently, the owners of brand new AMD 3000 Ryzen discovered an unpleasant fact. As it turned out, the technology of dynamic overclocking, which the company actively promoted, could not overclock the chip to the maximum. Simply put, the frequency in the Boost mode was significantly lower than those that were listed in the specs of the CPU. The company has already responded to users ' complaints and stated that it found the problem in the firmware. In some cases, it lowers the Boost frequency of the processor. Developers are already creating the BIOS update for the company's partners, which should solve the problem. "Red" has promised to provide more detailed information on this September 10. However, you need to understand that, if that day is released, it will take time, so motherboard manufacturers have prepared a UEFI firmware and published the updates. Recall that this is not the only bug with the new chips. Previously, on systems with "three thousand" processors can not run the multiplayer, the game Destiny 2. Later the problem was solved. And have you had problems with AMD Ryzen 3000? Write in the comments.