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Started the second open test of vigilance Scandinavian Tribes of Midgard

News — Gambling 05.09.2019 at 19:41

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Canadian company Norsfell the beginning of the second stage of public testing of its cooperative vigilance Tribes of Midgard. Free access to the beta version of the game opened Steam until the early morning hours of September 9. Action Tribes of Midgard occurs during Ragnarok, and the world is looming dark shadows of HELHEIM and the giant of Jotunheim, which is designed to fulfill the prophecy and destroy Midgard. Players have the role of the Vikings, keeping the last Bastion of the gods the seed of the tree Yggdrasil. The tribes of the Viking (up to ten) fall in procedurally generated worlds where they have to fight back the hordes of giants and legions of spawn of Hel. Attacks occur at night so the days can be devoted to exploring the world, collecting resources and training for the protection of the settlement. Release date for Tribes of Midgard yet. The developers still have a lot I want to do and experience to produce your project in high quality.