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JON SCHAFFER: "the New album DEMONS & WIZARDS is completely different from the first two"

Music news : 04.09.2019 at 03:32

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During a recent conversation with a "Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon" leader ICED EARTH Jon Schaffer and BLIND GUARDIAN singer Hansi Kürsch told about the third album DEMONS & WIZARDS.

Jon said:

"first, we're just doing what is natural. This is the only way to preserve the success of any of our groups throughout the years that we exist, is just to keep the reality of the situation. We are the sound. I mean, it already has is built. We are those artists that we are.

there is No doubt that when you hear this record, this record DEMONS & WIZARDS. But it is absolutely not the same as the first two albums. I mean that it became a lot more elements that we have grown as individuals — all this is reflected in the music. There is a very dark and heavy things, there are some very fast things, and really supermelodic, classic rock hits, as well as the progressive material, and even a little alternative. And all this is perfectly natural — perfectly natural development."

Hansi added:

"I'm just happy that we are now going on. For me it's always a little easier than for him because I'm a little on the wings. Or Jon, or André [Olbrich, guitar BLIND GUARDIAN] bring me material on which I start to do something, with the exception of a few songs I began to write — at least in BLIND GUARDIAN. But I can say that the music itself has a very natural flow and a very natural expression, and I just wanted to keep it for DEMONS & WIZARDS. It would be a waste of time not to do so. And the truth is — if you start to think about what we "should do" what is expected people, this is... This album will be 100% DEMONS & WIZARDS. Yes, I see it as a continuation of our history. It's just a new, fresh material." #Demons_&_Wizards #Demons&Wizards; #PowerMetal #Power_Metal