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TARJA TURUNEN: "I'm always pushing the boundaries"

Music news : 04.09.2019 at 03:52

Russian web magazine dedicated to rock, metal, gothic and industrial music

TARJA TURUNEN recently spoke with the French Duke TV on the mixing of styles on her work and engaging the audience in different directions:

"I wouldn't call myself a crossover artist — I hate this word, but in a sense, you have to see me like this plan because I work in the genre of classical music, engaged in other projects and at the same time I have a rock career. In a sense, for me music is emotion, and I'm always pushing the boundaries, because when I give concerts of classical music, half of the audience — metal heads, and they come to them. And the same thing happens on my rock concerts is very diverse audience, just fantastic. Music is emotion, it's a beautiful thing that connects people, regardless of their age, cultural differences or something. We are still the same, we can love the same thing".

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