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Treyler k novomu relizu EPICA

Music news : 05.09.2019 at 02:02

Russian web magazine dedicated to rock, metal, gothic and industrial music

EPICA opublikovali treyler k albomu "Design Your Universe - Gold Edition", vihod kotorogo namechen na 4 oktyabrya na Nuclear Blast Records.


CD1: Album

"Samadhi - Prelude"

"Resign To Surrender - A New Age Dawns - Pt IV"


"Martyr Of The Free Word"

"Our Destiny"

"Kingdom Of Heaven - A New Age Dawns - Pt V"

"The Price Of Freedom - interlude"

"Burn To A Cinder"

"Tides Of Time"


"Semblance Of Liberty"

"White Waters"

"Design Your Universe - A New Age Dawns - Pt VI"

"Incentive" (bonus)

CD2: The Acoustic Universe / Bonus CD

"Burn To A Cinder"

"Our Destiny"


"Martyr Of The Free Word"

"Design Your Universe" #Epica #GothicMetal #Gothic_Metal #PowerMetal #Power_Metal #SymphonicMetal #Symphonic_Metal