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OPETH frontman about YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: "His record for a long time was a rare shit"

Music news : 05.09.2019 at 02:38

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Frontman/guitarist of OPETH Mikael Åkerfeldt shares his thoughts about his fellow countryman Yngwie Malmsteen'e, saying that recordings of the legendary guitarist has long been a rare shit.

Åkerfeldt expressed his opinion in an interview for Music Radar, called "10 guitarists that struck my mind".

Mikael said about Yngwie following:

"I hate him as much as I love him. I just want to shake him, to kick his ass and force him to Wake up. He is fantastic and he knows it. He has the most beautiful sound among all the heavy metal guitarists, with the exception of Fredrik a [Åkesson'a guitarist, OPETH].

I've seen the latest video for his Blues album that I thought was terrible. In it, he rides the streets of Miami in his Ferrari. This is not what I think of when thinking about the Blues. It's just awful.

His record for a long time was a rare shit, but the guitar playing was always great. The last thing I liked is "Odyssey", but now I'm talking as a disgruntled fan of OPETH. Then he bumped into some stuff, and everything was quite bad.

I think that he should take care of their career and perhaps a little to calm down and focus on writing great songs. He is not aware what he is doing; he just wants to continue to play in the neoclassical style with unscrewed all distorted. But I still love him." #Opeth #ProgressiveRock #Progressive_Rock #PsychedelicRock #Psychedelic_Rock #DeathMetal #Death_Metal #Acoustic #_Acoustic