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Music news : 05.09.2019 at 03:43

Russian web magazine dedicated to rock, metal, gothic and industrial music

In a new interview for "Cassius Morris Show" RIVAL SONS frontman Jay Buchanan spoke about the role of his group in maintaining a rock ' n ' roll as a genre afloat. RIVAL SONS released their first four albums on Earache Records before you enter into a contract with Low Country Sound, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, in 2018. "Feral Roots", their first release on this label, released this year, can boast of a single "Do Your Worst", won first place in the charts mastromonaco rock in America.

Buchanan, when asked about what it's like to carry the banner of rock ' n ' roll in their calloused hands RIVAL SONS, said,

"I think about it. These thoughts come into my head, usually when I talk to people like you. We're talking about the place occupied by RIVAL SONS in the context of popular music? From the point of view of responsibility... and we do not have any particular pressure or a particular responsibility. I think if we set out to do something unusual for us, try to squeeze in some kind of foreign a form that is difficult to try on, and she would, and we did not, then I guess we could be a problem with that. But, I think, from the beginning, from the first days, we went about their business. And we just continue to do it. I feel that the group creates the necessary voltage for their sound, as befits a true rock-and-roll guys. [Mike] Miley — cool jazz drummer and all, but he plays rock-n-roll, and Scott [Holiday, guitar] loves rock-n-roll and psychedelia a lot more than I do. I love rock-n-roll and everything, like everything. By itself, I'm more of a singer and songwriter. But rock and roll is what I can do.

When we got together I didn't have any special plans about what the band would become so successful. I treated this like: "Well, put together a team for a side project". Hang out in Hollywood, will be playing some rock-n-roll show here and there. I even could not think that in the world there is such a need to rock-n-roll band. Speaking about pressure and other things, I just see that we become a part of this dynasty. I look at the bands that came before us: THE BLACK KEYS did something similar, and then there was Jack White, who took over from these groups. They create a hybrid rhythm-and-Blues-music. I think it's great to hear such hybrids, when they were Lenny Kravitz, who without stopping creates a cool plate. The guy just writes cool albums. Constantly. It's really cool to tour and play. Earlier, when THE BLACK CROWES played together, they carried the banner of rock ' n ' roll. I believe we are perfectly suited for this scheme. We are a typical rhythm-and-Blues/rock-n-roll band." #Rival_Sons #RivalSons #BluesRock #Blues_Rock #HardRock #Hard_Rock