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In the Swiss Alps has captured a strange creature

NEWS PLANET 04.09.2019 at 08:57

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In the Network regularly appear footage of the mysterious creatures that defy logical explanation. This next video was taken by a German photographer Mario Brolem from Munich, which was during shooting on the Oberalp pass in the Swiss Alps. Despite the fact that the quality of video is excellent, clearly see the creation of impossible. This has prompted users of the Network to build different assumptions and fantastic assumptions, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

the Establishment is very similar to the little man with white beard in the cloak, so they decided that the photographer captured a dwarf. While Mario himself in the post notes that does not believe in mystical beings, and therefore more inclined to release the local bear. By the way, something may well be a mountain goat or a bird or a bear.

the Users decided that Mario just disingenuous: his message, he allegedly made it clear that does not believe in the paranormal, although it is not so. No man with full confidence in the presence of a bear or mountain goat in the video would not publish the video on the web. Why do that if creating a hardly discernable? Most likely, in the mountains actually went gnome, although with this statement, too, is debatable.