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In California can become active blind fault

NEWS PLANET 04.09.2019 at 14:39

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Recent studies have shown that the fracture of Wilmington, which has a length of about 20 miles, may cause quite strong earthquakes. Scientists suggest that the strength of aftershocks can reach 7.4 points, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

Researchers from Harvard University some time ago told about a very terrible results. NASA began to scan the fault the San Andreas fault and warns people about what may soon happen terrible earthquake.

the study's Author Franklin wolf says that if the fault will be treated more carefully, it will allow though a little to improve security in the region.

Scientists say that crack, which is located in California, is starting very slowly to move. Fault Wilminton in turn is based on the two loaded ports in the United States. Experts fear that it may soon be activated together with other faults that will cause a terrible earthquake.

In the lithosphere of the Earth some time ago was discovered a huge hole. The new study was able to establish the number of faults located in southern California. The fault of Wilmington is considered "blind" because it is under the surface, so it is especially difficult to study.

At the beginning of this summer in California recorded a huge number of minor earthquakes. The strongest reached 7.1 of the ball was recorded in a sparsely populated area of the United States.