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Scientists told someone to tell their dreams to come true

NEWS PLANET 05.09.2019 at 10:13

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Often, people share dreams and goals with your mates and acquaintances that have the same status in society. This is completely wrong, say scientists from the Ohio state University, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI with reference to Eurek Alert.

to increase the chances of the embodiment of desire, should tell them the "right" people. And it's not the latest links, and authority. When one person expresses desire for another person, which respects, it will be more work to implement what was said.

a Similar study was conducted in 2009, only then, scientists generally encouraged to be silent. The results of the new work is a bit contrary to the previous reading.

during the experiments it was found that people apply more effort if promises or says something about your intentions. The person will not appear any desire to move more actively if the other party does not enjoy special respect.

the experiment involved 171 students. 2 of the 3 groups described some of the tasks which is to perform, the same man, but dressed in a business suit or casual dress. In the first case, the man introduced himself as a graduate student of the faculty of Economics. Ultimately, it is the first group coped with the tasks best of all. The third group, it should be noted, was not told of the plans.