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Our universe is a black hole: a scientist made a loud statement

NEWS PLANET 05.09.2019 at 12:53

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Until today, remains the theory of the formation of the Universe in the big Bang. But at the same time there are other theories, which to some extent can be shocking. One of the latest is one that says that our universe emerged from a black hole. She, in turn, opens into another parallel Universe. Each black hole could be a door to another Universe. According to data provided by experts, it is known that the formation of the Universe began almost 14 billion years ago, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

Sravanti Sureshkumar published on the website Q+A Quora amazing theory that a black hole can create within ourselves a vast Universe. If this theory is true, then the very first thing that arose in our Universe came from somewhere else. Also, the scientist says that our universe may be inside a black hole. This theory has interested many scientists and so the question began to engage more details.

In the Universe there is only one place where there is a singularity where the laws of physics. It is a black hole. Experts believe that this object can occur in the explosion of a massive star, the supernova. There is also another version of the appearance of a black hole. A huge cloud of gas begins to absorb itself in the influence of its own gravity. Some scientists are inclined to the version that the black hole arises as a result of a collision between neutron stars.