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Breakthrough in medicine: scientists for a day cured cancer

NEWS PLANET 05.09.2019 at 14:51

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Scientists have developed a new method of cancer treatment that involves heating tumors using nanoparticles. New development is allowed to cure for 13 patients out of 15, while it has no negative effects on the organs, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

the Method was developed by experts from rice University. In the study on a voluntary basis, took part in the men with prostate cancer. They instead of exhausting chemotherapy received exposure to nanoparticles, which were heated by laser and thus destroying malignant cells. The first experiments confirmed the high efficiency of the method.

the Publication Eurek Alert reports that there were 15 volunteers aged from 58 to 79 years. The disease in different cases characterized by low to moderate severity. In the first day 15 patients received intravenous nanoparticles of silicon oxide in the shell of gold. The second part of the procedure was to abdelali of the tumor with the help of heating these particles, an infrared laser unit.

Immediately after the procedure people went home, re-examination took place after 3 months. Doctors failed to detect cancer cells have 15 participants. Relapse occurred only in 2 for the next year. The others came out completely healthy.