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The total coal reserve in the Altai stations SGK has reached 878 thousand tonnes

IA "My Altai" 06.09.2019 at 05:25

Information portal Altai Krai and Altai Republic

Siberian generating company for the upcoming heating season forms the fuel supply to the Barnaul CHP-2 and CHP-3, CHP Biyskaya and southern thermal power station Rubtsovsk. Coal warehouse of the stations already stored fuel in excess of the established Ministry of energy standard is three to five times. The total stock of solid fuel is 878 thousand tons.

at the beginning of September, at the coal yard of the Barnaul thermal power station-2 is 198 thousand tons of coal grade D with the Minusinsk coal mines of the Republic of Khakassia. The norm established for the station by the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation is 61 thousand tonnes. Average per day in September to generate electricity and heat for heating hot water burns about one thousand tons of fuel. That is, the current amount of fuel, under the same weather conditions, will last for almost seven months or 200 days of continuous operation.

To the Barnaul TETS-3 coal reserves also exceed the standard values. Now in stock station is stored 322 thousand tons of coal, while the norm is 73 thousand tons. The station works on brown coal from the Borodino section. CHP-3 for the September day on average burns three thousand tons of fuel. If the station will continue to operate in the same mode, the generated amount is enough for three months.

most of the coal stored in the coal storage Biyskaya CHPP — 341 thousand tons. The ratio for the station is set in the amount of 66 thousand tons. In September the plant boilers burn per day on average, 2.8 thousand tons of coal.

the Supply of fuel to the thermal power plant South of eagle at the beginning of September is 15 thousand tons. The digit corresponds to the standard — 14 thousand tons. The amount of fuel differs significantly from the reserves at the other stations, because in August, the yuts began zeroing coal storage. This means that stations need to use the available coal before the heating season and the start of the heating season to start to use the new fuel delivery. To AWP 2019-2020 the coal stock at the station Rubtsovsk will be sufficient for reliable heat supply of the city.

Note, for such objects as appear to us regulatory amount of fuel determined by the Department of construction, transport, housing and communal services of the Altai territory. Minimum remaining fuel for the station is 2.2 thousand tons.

Replenished before the next heating season and oil reserves. Now at the stations of SGK in the region is 4915 tons of liquid fuel exceeding the established standards in 2.7 times.

— Multiple excess stocks of fuel at the production units of the Altai branch of the Siberian generating company related to the new policy of fuel supply for a more reliable during the heating season 2019-2020 — explains the Director of the Altai branch of SGK Igor Luzanov.