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Look like girls who are teen-age rebel group of Colombia,

The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 06.09.2019 at 02:00

Photo reports about events in the world

Colombian photographer Fernando Vergara went deep into the jungles of Putumayo to show the true face of war and soldiers in the camp of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) rebel leftist groups.

the Conflict between the government and the rebels lasted from 1964. This is the longest in the history of Latin America, the confrontation between the official authorities and the guerrillas. On 25 August the government of Colombia and the FARC have signed an agreement under which the rebels abandon armed struggle and join the legal political process.

the Photographer focused his attention on the female soldiers- they seemed to him more natural than men. These young creatures is not the first year are in the armed forces. For portraits Fernando asked the girls to lay down their weapons and dress in womens casual clothes — jeans and sweatshirts delicate flowers. It turned out, many unaccustomed to such clothing and feel uncomfortable.

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