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Meghan Markle was interrupted by maternity leave for a friend Breaking news 05.09.2019 at 20:04

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Became known when the Duchess appears again in public.




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Meghan Markle


Since then, as Megan Markle, in

early may of this year, gave birth to her first son — Archie, its not often seen outside

Windsor castle, which is located in her new home. She

appeared only once at the ceremony — the celebration of the day

Queen's birthday in June. Yes, several times honoured with his presence

different sports events: a charity tournament on equestrian sex,

basketball game and from the game for Wimbledon. And yet — he attended the premiere of "King lion". And

the rest of the time sat at home with the baby. Unless, of course, not to consider two strictly

classified visits Megan, Harry and Archie to the sea.

Now, as it became known,

it first visit a formal event, not as a guest, but as a

from its initiators. Megan will appear at the presentation of his brainchild project

concerning clothes for working women.

that she decided

to make happy workers give a beautiful and fashionable clothes, Megan announced a month

ago. Then she told me that she long followed the work of the project Smart Works, which helps women who can't find work,

to find a new job. The purpose of this project, among other things,

to advise job seekers on

how to behave in interviews and how to dress. At the same time,

the organizers of the project suggested that the researches have the new seats clothing

production. However, as noted by Markle, these outfits left much to be desired — both from the point of view of color and style.

And Megan were up to, with the help of his longtime girlfriend, designer Mischa Nonu, create

new collection of business clothing for ladies. Yes, agreed that from the sale of these

things will be made serious contributions to charity.

And now all is ready. Markle and to support Mike, decided

to interrupt their maternity leave and to appear at the presentation, which will be held on

in the following Thursday.