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"Wait for me" on NTV returned the child to his mother after 40 years of separation Breaking news 05.09.2019 at 20:04

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Meeting of son and mother forever etched in the memory of the crew of the show.


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"Wait for me" on NTV returned the child to his mother after 40 years of separation

Photo: Instagram

the Birth of a child – an event that changes not only the whole

their way of life and Outlook of women. And, perhaps, there is nothing

worse than to pick up her baby. A whole new edition of the program "Wait for me"

will be devoted to the difficult problem of finding children whose fathers had illegally taken them

native mothers.

the next issue, which shot 43-year-old Eugene

Negus will meet with his mother, who had not seen 40 years. He only

knew, his parents divorced when he was two years old. Eugene raised

father, his mother, the man doesn't remember but wants to learn about it something. In

Studio turns out that the history of Eugene is much more dramatic than he could

to imagine.

"is an Interesting thing — life. Today I got a call from the program "Wait for me". Didn't say exactly, but I think they found my mother. It so happened — I don't remember her. Parents divorced when I was two years old. Old photos... Wait. Will soon meet the mother," wrote Eugene in a personal

microblog before filming release. The meeting was so impressive that for a long time

etched in the memory of all participants and project staff. Why, you can see this

Friday on NTV.

Eugene Negus

Photo: Instagram