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Mariah Carey showed a slim figure in a swimsuit Breaking news 05.09.2019 at 20:04

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The Singer has lost another 10 kg.

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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Photo: instagram

In 2016, Mariah fiancé dumped her billionaire, accusing the star

the fact that she just used him as a walking wallet.

the Singer was not expecting such a blow from a loved one, and slipped into a coma

depression. The stress she'd eat everything I saw within a radius of a millimeter. In the course,

of course, went fast food, pastries, sweets, chocolate. Such a "diet" star

stout to 119 pounds. Cary became a star memes pictures where she

inflates like a balloon and it bursts dress multiplied.

In the end, the singer really burst a concert

the suit, then the dancers during the performance, she almost dropped it. Mariah after the speeches, and after

walks started having severe shortness of breath, doctors diagnosed a big problem with

health, and strongly demanded to lose weight.

Mariah Carey 2017

Photo: pinterast

Mariah Carey 2019

Photo: instagram

Cary listened, to achieve the goal, according to rumors, she

made resection of stomach and sat down on a therapeutic diet.

the First results from Florida in November

last year, when there was a slim on the red carpet of one of the

events. Mariah didn't stop there and continued to lose weight under

the control nutritionists, and connected fitness.

it has Recently been demonstrated in a Instagram photo in swimsuit

with no filters. Cary almost returned to their former shape and slender figure.

keep it up!

Mariah Carey, dropping 22 kgs, showed a figure in a mini dress

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