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Pavel Danilin: the programs of the candidates to the Moscow city Duma – as a blueprint Breaking news 06.09.2019 at 06:39

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Studied the electoral programs of the candidates in the elections in MHD, the famous Russian scientist, the Creator of the resource "Candidate-2019" Pavel Danilin concluded that the political theses of the nominees, "it is written, as a blueprint". It is reported FAN.

"On a website "Candidate-2019" their programs sent 122 out of 250 nominees. In the theses of the candidates – education, health, public transport development, the solution of environmental issues, renovation of housing, As a blueprint.

with the same set of theses on election are the Communists, the liberals, the independents, candidates with “Pro-government” label. Not saying that's a bad thing. A wise man once said: the need to criticize people and ideas of the people", – concluded Danilin.

He noted that not only political platforms, but also the electoral campaign all the candidates – is also unified. "In March – a statement on the nomination in April – approval of volunteers and work with questionnaires, may day – holiday, June – work with the generated database of like-minded people," – said the expert.