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The Italian worker had stolen from the Russians 5-year-old son

Naples Slavonic 05.09.2019 at 06:02

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At the Russians Anna Baranovoj social services Italy confiscated five year old son, having only the Russian citizenship, for "custom" peresinotti.

In Italy, the Russians have seized 5-year-old child. About it reported in a press-service of the international public movement "Russian mother". Italian social services made this decision due to the fact that the woman decided together with his son to return home, in Engels. This writes .


According to the mother, the representatives of care city of Bari stole her son and hiding him in a secret place in Italy.

it is Noted that the woman gave birth to a son in Italy. His father abandoned the son, but because in the birth certificate there is no information about it. However, despite the place of birth, nationality boy, like his mother, has only Russian.

it Also became known that in Italy has a gang of "Angels and demons", where everyone from the mayor on down to petty clerks, and cashing in on trade seized the guardianship of the children. ( detail in news portal ) Later these kids were selling rich Italian women, who themselves could not have children or did not want to give birth.

apparently, the Russian 5-year-old boy was the victim of such attackers, which has been nicknamed the conveyor punching orphans.

currently the poor mother appealed to President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian diplomats with pleas for help.