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Sberbank will be engaged in grocery stores. monitoring of the banking press 06.09.2019 at 06:30

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Sberbank has launched a delivery service of products from stores "Carmarket", told RBC representative Instamart partner Bank for this project and confirmed the representative of the savings Bank. In August, the venture Fund, Sberbank's SBT Venture Fund II became co-owner of the grocery delivery service Instamart after buying a stake at the first Deputy Chairman of the Bank Lion against Khasis.

While "Carmarket" running in test mode. The first partner of the service was the network of wholesale sales of Metro Cash&Carry;, delivery is carried out in Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar. The service plans to operate without profit, i.e. the cost of goods will be the same as in the store, and the shipping time will be two hours. As explained by the representative of the Bank, the pilot will last for a month, after which a decision will be made about which format to scale it up. With any of the retailers are still being negotiated, the partners did not disclose.

the New service works on the basis of the technological and operating platform Instamart. In addition, as explained by the managing Director Asan Instamart Kurmanguzhin, "Carmarket" was integrated into the technological ecosystem of the savings Bank, whereby customers will be able to register on the resource, including with the savings Bank ID. He also did not rule out that the results of the pilot Instamart can change the brand to "Carmarket". "Given the wide recognition of various products of Sberbank, we expect that the successful testing of the "Spermaceti" in Rostov and Krasnodar, will allow in short terms to start the service in all the cities where Instamart. This will allow us to significantly increase our client base and with the support of Sberbank become a leader in the delivery of products in Russia", — said the representative of Instamart.

Why a new service of the Sberbank

According to its own strategy in the coming years must be transformed into an it company. Over the past three years, the Bank has already invested 3% of its net profits to the development of non-banking ecosystem, announced in late July the first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis.

the Representative of Sberbank said that the market FoodTech — a promising fast-growing niche in e-Commerce, so they consider this direction as one of the key.

On the assessment of DataInsight, in 2018 the market size of online orders food amounted to 22.9 billion rubles, However, of the total number of online orders for food yet accounts for only 2%. The market leader in grocery delivery is a service of "Platypus" in 2018, its share was 45% in the total volume of orders. "The Russian market of delivery of products even in Moscow, now almost empty, so it can be run any number of services. It's risky but now is the time for experimentation, and if you have enough patience, he will be one of the most profitable for investors", — the partner of DataInsight Fedor Virin.

At the end of July the savings Bank and Mail.Ru Group announced plans to create a joint venture in the field of food and transport cost of over RUB 100 billion the Internet-holding will bring in his food delivery services Delivery Club and taxi "Citymobil", funds in the amount of 7.7 billion rubles, and Sberbank's share in the company's Foodplex (35%) and funds in the amount of 38 billion rubles. In the case of fulfillment and Delivery Club "Citymobil" a number of KPIs during the year, the contributions of partners may be increased to 18.1 billion rubles. the Source of RBC close to Sberbank, admitted the inclusion of Instamart in a deal to establish a joint venture.

2018 Sberbank has another project in the area of electronic Commerce together with Yandex, the Bank develops on the basis of "Yandex.Market" the marketplace "Take!" and Bringly. Partners stated that they plan to become the "Russian Amazon".

the Head of INFOLine-Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov believes the launch of the "Carmarket" absolutely logical for the Bank and for Instamart. "Brand "Carmarket" is much stronger. The name of the Bank sells, therefore, most likely, after the pilot left it. The main task of the new service scale quickly and actively work with both b2c segment and the b2b", — the expert believes.