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In Scottish waters have filmed something very long

News of cryptozoology 06.09.2019 at 09:15

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Someone finally thought to lower the camera to the bottom of the Scottish lake Loch ness and try to capture the famous monster Nessie in his native element. And something there really swam, something long and serpentine. The giant eel? In fact, the camera dropped not quite to the Loch ness and the river ness, which flows out of it and not to shoot the monster and to follow the salmon.

it was Done by members of the local fishing society "Ness District Salmon Fishery Board". This video was posted recently on their Facebook page. In comments indicated that it was just acne, but this video attracted the attention of many researchers Nessie, because given the average size of salmon in the foreground (about 60 cm) and the fact that the eel floats in the distance, the size of this eel seem really VERY large. Much more than a conventional eel from these waters. A couple of meters or more.

the Passing of the acne can be seen very clearly because the water is turbid, and in the screenshots it's barely noticeable, but the video clearly shows his movement and, most importantly, sizes. According to one researcher, who in his blog said all the appearance of Nessie, the video was filmed on the weekend, when in the vicinity of rivers and lakes have been heavy rains and the water level increased. Maybe that's why it's a big creature slipped into the river from the lake.