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Commercial premises of 600 m2 and a plot of 30 acres

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Kraljevo - Serbia Commercial premises of 600 m2 on the ground floor of 520 m2 and 80 m2 upstairs, a Commercial space is partially completed in the design phase of Electricity of 70 kW measuring group, water with fire hydrants with a diameter of 100 mm. drainage installation of lightning protection system certificates of power lightning rod and grounding shielded metal industrial fence Entrance to the highway All on a plot of 30 acres near the NIS Petrol in Chibalonza on route Kraljevo - Raska 3 km from the city centre, 10 km from the airport Morava Leevl 7 km from the future highway Prein - Poate Commercial premises legalized and without the burden and mortgage, etc. Suitable for various industry must see Interested can watch every day from previous announcement Business premises can be divided into two independent units of 300 m2 each, because it has two entrances, the Height of 4 m. it is Possible any agreement Commercial premises are sold very reasonably because the owner can not keep the premises, because he for many years and he retired the price is 250.000 EVRA TEL +381 65 352 42 00 +381 65 352 40 00 MAIL