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Water from a Roman well Vrnjci, Serbia

Bulletin Board Doski-Top RSSFeed 06.09.2019 at 08:02

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Is Already available in Russia! Due to optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium 2:1 "Voda Vrnjci" helps the body absorb all the necessary minerals, as well as in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, thereby regulating the functioning of muscles and nervous system. Curative effect of fresh natural mineral water consists in replacement of cellular water with the partially destroyed structure on the individually structured water that allows to increase the lifetime and efficiency of all human cells, as well as in the beneficial complex effect on the whole body, allowing the body to self-extinguish the inner pockets of pathologies. The therapeutic properties of mineral water, its chemical nature determine the 6 main ions: three cation — sodium (Na+), calcium (CA 2+), magnesium (Mg2+ ) and three anions — chlorine (CL-), sulfate (SO4 ) and bicarbonate (HCO3) Offer you a exclusive water bottle water vrnjci "element" with a low content of sodium and from a new source. element: premium water, no soda is the Best product of the company vrncji. Not carbonated natural mineral water, premium low sodium content. element is little mineralized water of the highest quality. Small mineralization is very rare in the world and indicates an exceptional quality and high ecological value, i.e. the purity of the atmosphere in which water is formed. The unique mineral composition of the water element, this premium brand belongs to the top European mineral waters. It is of exceptional purity and optimal balance of minerals, calcium and magnesium 2: 1, which helps to use all the nutrients in the body. element is a unique product on the market. Exceptional glass packaging, designed by famous designers, complemented by a patented lid that ensures the freshness and quality of the product. It can be consumed in unlimited quantities without worrying about saturation of the body with minerals. The source and composition of the element: Element is filled from the source Belimarkovac about Vrnjacka Banja in the untouched nature on the slopes of mount Goc at an altitude of 570 m above sea level. The water from this natural spring mineral water, not artificially drilled varies from white marble stone and from there by pipeline directly to our factory. According to the Regulation on the quality of the mineral water, the Item is not carbonated natural mineral water with low content of soluble minerals and low in sodium