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Power cable, wire and, as for Russia to buy surplus stock, remnants

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The power Cable AVVG , VVG , kg, avbbshv, vbbshv, KVVG, kvbbshv, CIP, VbV, PVV, apvv, pvp, apvp, ABL, ASV, ASB, SB, apvbbshv of other brands. Wire PV, PV3, AC, and etc. Buy it in the regions of Russia wholesale, with storage, leftovers from construction projects, after installation, the unclaimed, the unwanted, the possible redemption of the warehouses. Entire reels started. Please send the exact brand, year of production, plant manufacturers, GOST or TU (which is not required), section, footage, city, shipping and pictures, photos of the markings on the email. email or phone Viber,Whatsapp,Telegram

Consider all proposals for materials not included in the above list.